Friday, 29 August 2008


Rosemary is poised right on that threshold of not needing a nap anymore. Her brain - her busy, fiercely learning high-gear little brain - is telling her that there is so much more fun stuff to do than to to lay down with her blankie, that there are cars and dolls and skates and kites and bikes and computer games and what's mama making in the kitchen? and cats to torture play with and her big brother - how come he doesn't have to sleep?

She'll stay awake, fighting rest, determinedly slow-blinking and widening her eyes so she won't fall asleep, and she'll carry it off so well her father and I will nod at each other, a little sad that maybe our baby is growing up enough not to need her nap anymore.

But six-thirty she's worn out and spoiling for a temper. Nothing is good - it's all bad, and we're all out to thwart her. She's the unluckiest girl in the whole world, because surely - SURELY! - other parents are nice to their daughters. JUST NOT HERS.

It makes the putting-to-bed ritual a long process, dodging the one-slight-away-from-falling-apart ball of tiredness that Miss Rosey is in her napless state, and has us sighing with relief when she finally gives up and puts her head on the pillow.

Some days I recognize that this is all part of growing up. Necessary. A stage.

And some days I tremble inwardly, thinking what the hell is this going to be like when she's a teenager?


Anonymous said...

It will be okay. She's just a growing girl who isn't as big as she thinks she is.

jAMiE said...

And you will handle that stage as well as you are handling this one...i just know you will.

Loth said...

She'll be fine - when she's a teenager, you won't be able to get her OUT of bed!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, transitions.. fun times, fun times.
Take heart, my daughter gave up ALL naps at a ridiculously early age. She simply did not want to miss anything.
I don't think I ever recovered.

Badger said...

What loth said!

My kids both gave up naps when they were TODDLERS. I barely remember what it was like to have a kid who napped. Now the girl will come home from school, do her homework, and crash in front of the TV. But I DON'T HAVE TO PUT HER TO BED anymore, so ... NOT MY PROBLEM!

(Note: We do still tuck the kids in at night, even though they're big. But if they can't sleep, they busy themselves quietly until they can. BLISS.)

crazymumma said...

we are all on that highway to hell together.

she will get used to not having naps and be less irritable as time goes by.....

Stomper Girl said...

Maybe some quiet time, if she won't actually sleep? A book and a lie-down?

I don't have much teenager experience, but an overtired 3/4 year-old is about as scary as it gets I reckon.

womaninawindow said...

She'll be napping on the couch in the middle of the day by then, her too taut legs dangling dangerously near the remote!

Mine havent' napped since 1989...Oh, no, wait, that was me!