Thursday, 25 October 2007


When I woke up this morning I didn't think the day was going to be crazy.

Oh, there was the usual. Get dressed get dressed get dressed *now* please get dressed B COME AND GET YOUR CHILDREN BEFORE I EAT THEM kind of stuff, but that's a regular thing. I'm relatively sure they do it just to see Mama turn red and make funny faces.

But soon the great big bus of sanity-comin'-back appeared, and half my stress went with it. And B was home, so the girl was at least 60% malleable...

(She's stubborn. She comes by it honestly. Doesn't mean I have to like it.)

So! She was dressed and pony-fied -the Reign of Pony Terror? The My Little Plastic Doohickeys To Stab You In The Ankles and Trip You Unawares? - have taken over the house. Whee.

Flew her into pre-school (No, you can't take the pony in. Because the teacher said no. Because that's the rule. Because Pony might get scared. Because Pony might get lost. Because - because I said so. Give me the pony and nobody gets hurt.)
dropped her off, then headed off for a nice coffee* and a day at the manse.

A nice quiet day. At the manse. Me and my computer. Typing away. Ladidadida...thunk.

After handing out my e-mails, the computer obligingly spit out a request to upgrade. Having been tricked by this before, I was hesitant - but it insisted, and I gave in. Of course it didn't load properly. Or work correctly.

It was about then, a few hours into that mess, that I got a can-you-come-in-now? 'phone call from my other job. I spluttered a bit, not being really dressed for it. "I'm neat and presentable, but I'm in jeans."

They didn't care. I flew home (that's twice I've called driving flying. Guess now you know how fast I go.) switched cars and trundled back.

Where I am now. All the hurrying to get to a nice steady-but-not-hectic day.

My life - she's a little crazy.

*amazing, how something full of caffeine can calm you right down.


wordgirl said...

I think there's something in caffeine that "reboots" your brain and helps align all of your mental planets so you can focus. Why hasn't science asked me about my views on this?

Sarah Louise said...

apparently, I read today, nicotene and caffiene users have a lower incidence of there must be something there. Flying these days not so much in the RENTAL car, but I know what you mean.



Stomper Girl said...

Don't you just love saying everything 5 times, every morning? I know I do.