Thursday, 4 October 2007

october fourth

Today was a BANNER MORNING. Y'see, Cassidy turned SIX.

So! There were pancakes for breakfast and the Opening Of Some Of The Swag and Delighted Dancing when he saw the neat cards his faraway relatives sent.
(One had a fire-truck bell on it that when pressed, went off. And another had a frog whose tongue flipped out at you when you opened it. And the dinosaur cards. Seriously dino cool.)

The best part, though, was him sliding into bed this morning and asking me about the day he was born. My God, he's SIX. How can he be that old when I still remember every minute of the day before he was born?

(Okay, the actual day? Really good drugs. I'ma leetle fuzzy in places.)

I blearily remember staring at the light in the operating room and catching glimpses off the reflective surfaces of something red and shiny (Hello, insides! So this is what you look like!) and the minute he was grappled out, all purple and red and outraged and so long (was that in me? Really? Wow, it's loud.) and my husband carrying something wrapped in his arms so carefully, so gingerly with a look of utter, shocked bliss.

'It's a boy' Bear said, his voice breaking. 'He's beautiful.'

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


Cat, Galloping said...

happy bday, cass!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Cass.
I had tears in my eyes when reading this post.

Angewl said...


Isabelle said...

Happy birthday, Cassidy (a bit late, sorry).

I remember the pains of potty training so well, but rest assured, mine can go by themselves now. Just as well, since the oldest is 28. Your time will come. Be strong.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday! Now he's officially a big boy. I can only imagine.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday Cass-man.

I love to hear those birth stories. The bit where you get to meet your baby is just the best thing. The mess that goes on just before that is best if really good drugs and fuzziness are involved. Fixit was NOT ALLOWED to look at my insides when all that was going on!

Sarah Louise said...

Happy Birthday Cass-Man!

And what a proud mama (and papa too.)

Badger said...

Aw!! Happy birthday to him!

jAMiE said...

Such a nice post, happy birthday to both of you!

Molly said...

I remember all five of mine being born, but what happened between then and now? Where did all those years gallop to? Happy birthday to you Six year old boy!
Enjoyed reading the links you sent through Liz...Thanks!

angelfeet said...

ops, I'm late again.Hapy Birthday, Cass!