Wednesday, 10 October 2007

she comes in colors everywhere

I'm determined to paint the livingroom this month.

The last coat it had was a few years back and was a pale shade that was supposed to look white on the walls - one of those 'rosy' type whites that would brighten and romanticize the space.

Yah. My walls are pink.

It's most obvious when the sun is full into the room - it nips in and pours over the bookcase, flooding the room with...a pinky glow.

It's a long, narrow room - I've been debating deep colors as I don't want to make the proportions appear too small - but the lighter colors all look...well, the same, and I want a change.

Cinnabar Glaze, Bengal Grass, Deep Sea Odyssey, Saguaro. The names alone make me shiver.

I thought a nice deep blue, picking up on some colors on a much-loved litho - but after I brought the chips home, that idea was deemed horrible (livin' in a blue bubble, ladies and gentlemen!) and so I turned to (where else?) the internet.

And now thanks to a few different sites that let you dummy up a practice room and fill in with the color you want, I'm finally decided.

It's DEFINITELY either going to be a lovely deep olive green. Or something cinnamon-y.

Or? Or. Damn.

Maybe I should wait to see how the winter light falls.....


Sarah Louise said...

It's all white walls here, says the renter. How fun to be able to choose. You will keep us posted?

Shinny said...

I have the long, narrow living room going on too. One thing I picked up from all the home improvement shows I watch is to do the end walls dark and the long walls lighter. I tried it and it actually worked! So I have dark purple end walls and a real pale lavendar long wall in my living room. So think about maybe two colors for the room.

Liv said...

I have been wanting to paint the walls for so long. This house still looks like Germ's bachelor pad.

Does not help that half the walls of this house are cinderblock.

Something warm and cozy is always a good choice for a living room - gotta love the ambience of cinnamon-y colors.

Jessi said...

One of my childhood rooms was a deep, dark blue and I absolutely loved it. I can see how it could be overbearing in a living room, though, so you've probably made the right choice against it. Cinnamon-y sounds like a delicious color, but it definitely depends on what other colors are in the room. Pictures? :P

Beagle said...

Choosing paint makes me crazy. It never looks quite like you imagine. Good Luck!

(I like the two color idea.)

Angewl said...

How fun! All of our walls are white. boring! lol

Anonymous said...

I've used Shinny's suggestion as well.

When I had olive green and almond in one of our rooms I got tired of it in a year. Sometimes olive green looks glum. We since changed the color to nutmeg, and the room always comforts me. I could spend all day reading in there. It is a small, narrow room painted entirely in nutmeg.

Canada said...

I love it - I have "Pondstone", a mossy green in the dining room, and "Bamboozled", a brownish red in the living room (that I just painted). Good luck with the colour selections. (a tip - look for a light reflecting deep coliour, which won't close the room in around you, but will make it warm and cosy. Warm colours such as green with more yellow than blue also help to create cosy as opposed to Arctic)

My float said...

Ooh, painting walls. How exciting! Go bold. Olive and cinammon sound great - though not together!

Photos please...!