Sunday, 7 October 2007

the aliens in my midst

Last night, all of Bear's family went out to celebrate his father's birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving (we went modern this year and had Chinese.)at a local restaurant. Cass sat at the end of the table with his aunts and uncle, and B and I sat near the middle, with Rosey attached to B like a little limpet.

Yes, you read that right. R had an attack of the shys.

This was new. And strange.

But stranger yet...was that both kids had impeccable manners. Im-pecc-able.

Now I'd done the usual warm-up in the car, reminding them that they needed to sit still, not shout or run around, and say thank you...but this was uncanny.

Cass wiped his lips with his napkin, asking "Can I go see Papa?" before walking over. He said please and thank you, didn't use his outside voice once, and remembered to put down his knife when not using it.

R whispered "Daddy, I havta go potty" and ate her supper quietly, playing (in her seat!) with a small stuffed animal and smiling at people.

It was like they were aliens.

Now, I don't want to give the impression that my kids usually slop at the trough like hogs. They don't. But it was very unusual to see all the good manners at once.

Maturity kicking in? The fear of parental displeasure? Who knows?

Whatever it was, I'll take it.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone.


meggie said...

Happy Canadian Thankgiving
Every now & then, kids do something like that! Just to prove they do know what you teach them!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Those aliens are your kids. They must have learnt their shockingly good manners from you. Truly shocking.

Equally shocking, I am tagging you to write an interesting account of yourself related to dancing.

Angewl said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Can my kids come visit you for a while? Maybe some of that will rub off on them. lol

Sarah Louise said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Kids--they are crazy.

Stomper Girl said...

Well done to your 2 little angels. Way to make you feel like an excellent parent!

Suse said...

I bet you felt sooo damn smug.

Happy thanksgiving.

TX Poppet said...

I Love that you have a "Bear", too! Sounds like the children were as relaxed and happy as the adults at the table. What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

velcro said...

Bet you were so proud of them! Well done kids!

angelfeet said...

Oh dear, a day late again. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Isn't it great when all our teachings come together in one magical moment.

Joke said...

Don't jinx it.


wordgirl said...

My kids got shy when I didn't want them to...and talkative when I didn't. You just never know.

Isabelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Your children will now be perfectly behaved for the rest of their lives. Maybe.

jAMiE said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!