Sunday, 21 October 2007

hope for the hungry

Did you see 60 Minutes tonight?

Anderson Cooper did a great story on Plumpynut, a processed food that sounds like it will be able to help curtail child hunger in the poorest nations. I couldn't figure out how to imbed video from CBS, (I don't think I can, actually) but here's the link.

Go. Watch. Be amazed.


Kim said...

and they call it plumpynut?

Am I the only one that finds that both hilarious and awful at the same time?

In that it sounds dreadfully appropriate but also incredibly insulting at the same time. "Hello little malnurished clearly starving child of the third world, here, have some plumpynut to put some meant on them there bones. We'll fatten you up in a jiffy?"

Kim said...

eugh... meat.

...meat on them there bones.

As opposed to meant.

Sarah Louise said...

Jess, thanks for sharing this.


daysgoby said...

K: It does sound like a really horrible nickname for...I don't know, the members of the local fat farm's baseball team?

'And the visiting team today, those scalawags of celery, those wizards of carrot sticks...The..PLUMPYNUTS!

M&Co. said...

We had that on last night while we were eating dinner. The kids were both quiet and ate their soup after learning of the little girl who died because she didn't have enough to eat.

Not really my goal, but a good lesson to learn.

Jenny said...

Plumpynut makes me laugh and then feel really, really guilty immediately afterward.

Mrs. G. said...

I was amazed! I am hoping they are also going to feed that skinny pup some as well, but then again, maybe it would be in its best interest to stay thin.

I love Anderson Cooper. Great story.

meggie said...

I am with Kim. It is an appalling name.
I would also question the long term nutrition- so much sugar?? Peanut allergies was also one of my first thoughts, then, the thought that milk protein is not necessarily good for humans.
I am an old cynic.
I guess in the short term it is good. It is saving lives- for now.
As I recall there were protein biscuits made from milk, supposedly going to revolutionise world hunger, & be cheap & easy to make. It was found it was not good for those people, as it was using milk, a food they didnt normally have in their diet, therefore not good for them. Lactose intolerance I suppose.
Sorry to sound negative.

lala said...

That bit made me cry. I think it's a fantastic product and a great step forward in ending malnutrition. Who can criticise based on North American perceptions of diet? Those people eat birdseed fer chrissakes.

TX Poppet said...

Interesting post. Oh and
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