Thursday, 24 May 2007

what a strange day it's been

This morning, I found my first white hair.
I can't even say it was grey - it was almost translucent - but what a strange thing to see on my dark-brown head! It was easily five inches long, which means it's been hanging out there awhile. (When I remarked on how long it was and how I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it lurking there before, Helpful B said 'Oh, I saw that. I thought you knew.' Then he screamed in pain as I went for his shins.)

Today I had lunch with the Premier.* Nice guy, for a politician. He's done some good things for Health Care here in Nova S, so maybe (just maybe) good will come out of his meeting with the Health Board.

And I stepped out of my lunch meeting with the suits and saw this:

No idea if he was looking for his bagpipes, or what was going on....

Later, was blinded by beauty -

and then came home, where I taught C the rudiments of addition and we all stuffed our faces with too much pizza. My boy just glows when he gets a concept. Or a third slice.

*Equivalent to Governor.


Angewl said...

hmmm... interesting day.

I have been going gray since I was a teenager. :(
Thats when my affair with home hair coloring started.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very interesting. Will you remember this day as the day you found a white hair or the day you had lunch with the premier?

daysgoby said...

Actually, probably the day Cass first started adding in his head.

Anonymous said...

I had my first grey in my bangs when I was fifteen. That grey was my lonely only until I started infertility treatment. They rampantly multiplied. Now I have highlights. I hate the wiry greys.

kimmyk said...

I love that dude standing there in his kilt. I love me guys like that and if they play bagpipes...oh buddy!!!

The whole trauma of finding the 'white hair' girl that will pass. Getcha some hair dye just to be safe y'know?? LOL.

jeneflower said...

A lady that did my hair at a salon pointed out my gray hair strands. Like I will ever go back to her again. ha ha

meggie said...

Dont worry about the grey. It might have only been a 'dead' one.
Loved your mix of topics.
I am a sucker for Pizza too.
We rarely have it.

Stephanie mama drama said...

Just so you know, I SO dig men in kilts!!

Beth said...

I have a grey and I am 21. I love and can't wait for more. My Mom is mostly grey and she wants to dye it.... if she does that would be a shame. I love grey hair... it looks rich with experience.