Tuesday, 8 May 2007

van mocked by der leader

I have a Dutch last name. It's extremely easy as Dutch monnikers go - if you can say his name,

then it's a good bet I'll turn around if you sing mine in the supermarket.

Coupled with my husband's short and to the point verah, verah easy name, my last name is a mouthful but relatively simple to say. Most people sail right through it.

Which is why I paid no attention, carrying on the getting-to-know-you prattle that you say to the person sitting next to you for the day until a silence fell and I finally turned to see the reddening face of the woman leading the training.*

"Excuse me!" she trumpeted said loudly. "Are you Jessica Dutch name Dutch name-easy name OR NOT?"

Now, I hate being the bad kid. But I hate being made an example of even more.

And it gave me great bitchy pleasure to say 'No, you've got it wrong."

*She'd been snarky through most of the pre-meeting gibberish. Obviously this was not her favorite thing to do.


meggie said...

I could feel your satisfaction at revenge! Good for you!

evalinn said...

Ha ha, I also have an uncommon last name plus people get so confused it makes them constantly mis-spell my first name, which isn´t that rare...but I also like to take the advantage of getting upset by it, when it´s convenient!

Joke said...

Life is made bearable by these moments.


Caro said...

I have an easy last name. It's to make up for my maiden name.

And I accepted your triple dog dare. Come on over.

Sarah Louise said...

my last name is easy if you can read, but it's long, so folks ALWAYS get it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha I LOVE doing that.