Monday, 14 May 2007

the greening

The air is softer these days and green bits are definitely stirring and pushing forth.

Even the ash pile is growing something soft and fuzzy:

Many colors of green....

Some are pleated fans

some are frankly phallic

These frilly vines are at the top of the hill

Some show off

While others I need to hunt for

And some, year after year, are things I look for so I know Spring is here.


MsCellania said...

Yummy Yummy Spring!
And contrary to last year's comment, the roses were not deceased. Just died so far back I had to 'hack them to Jesus', to steal a saying from Badger.

meggie said...

Lovely post!!

Anonymous said...

I love the frilly vines.

wordgirl said...

Same here. Lots of stuff blooming all around...mainly because it's been raining so much. And now? The mosquitos.