Sunday, 6 May 2007

sunday sunday

Not a lot going on but I can't stand having the 'cutey' post up top for too long...

So, bullets:

  • It's Large Garbage Time again, so today we'll be digging out the broken, the tired, the listing, the old and tossing them gleefully. Well, I will be. B will probably be wringing his hands and trying to sneak things off the pile when I'm not looking. Project this weekend: Cleaning out the sun-porch - the kids need more room!

  • I've been working on a post for forever that I can't get to come out right. It's about imagining yourself living a different life, but every time I write it, it either comes out as if I want to discuss re-incarnation, or it sounds like I want a do-over - neither of which are true and not my point anyway. Frustrating when I can't make my (typing fingers) mouth say what my brain is thinking.

  • I've been trying to find out the name of a song the last week and it's driving me insane. I have no idea who sings it or really what the lyrics are, the main thing I'm struck with is it has this Indian wah-wah jingly thing going on with the beat. (aren't I descriptive?) This unfortunately means whenever I try to explain it to someone I say things like 'bump bair-na-nair-nair-nair' when I describe it. Yeah.

  • Off to go to town for a bit - I'll come back and hopefully finish this with more (snicker) interesting news!


meggie said...

I liked this post- particularly the image of you husband sneaking things off the pile. In our case it would be me sneaking while GOM was not looking.
Good luck with tracking the music, & also your head-to-hand post.

velcro said...

I've got a few posts sitting in edit which I need to sort out. They just don't come out as I've worked out, usually a couple of miles away from the nearest laptop.

Good luck with the music thingy. It is annoying when you're looking for something.

Caro said...

I think I know that song.

I have a hard time throwing things away but it is getting insane around here.

And sometimes my posts don't come out right, like when I'm trying to be funny about how awful my kids are acting, and people think I'm having a pity party.

kimmyk said...

Oh I don't know that song at all. Sing it again. K? LOL!

I spent the weekend de-cluttering. I still have so much to do. The garage is next, but Honey is not on board. That's his

MsCellania said...

I'll send Badger right over. She will know that song.
It's out week to toss the Big Stuff, too. My husband is quaking in his boots, and frequently checking the trash bin.
You think I am kidding?!

wordgirl said...

I think that it's possible to imagine yourself with another life without sounding like you hate the one you have.

My float said...

I've got 101 of those posts sitting in the draft folder because I just can't make the darn things work!

You're very good throwing things out. I'm a bower bird from way back. The only time I threw some stuff out, I needed it a few weeks later. For most people, the lesson would be, "be more discriminating". For me, the lesson was, "don't throw anything out"!