Friday, 16 February 2007

where did I leave those wings?

The toof is OUT! C is all 'cited and wants me to teach him how to spit water through the hole. (Thank you, PBS and Arthur the Aardvark!) The tooth fairy tiptoed in and left him a shiny toonie and four shiny quarters. I had no idea what the going rate was but figured that should just about cover it.

I was going to post a gory picture but really, unless you're a relative, why would you want to stare at my child's empty socket?

I do have a question, though, what on earth do you DO with the teeth? After the fairie de choppers does her work, what then?

I suppose I could look into this. Shudder. But I can't imagine I would EVER wear the ring.

Oh, this old thing? This is the cremated remains of all the kids baby teeth. Yes, and I wear them everyday. Want to try it on?


Joke said...

We keep 'em in a li'l silver box.

Why we do I have no idea.


Posybunny said...

We used to keep them, but we live in a dry climate, so they started breaking into pieces. Yuck.

I swear my mom still has all of our teeth in a dish on her dressing table. I think it's a little creepy after all of these years.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

My mom kept it on a tiny shot glass in our display cabinet and took it out once in a while to gross us out as well as the occasional visitor who stayed too least I'm guessing that's why she did it.

velcro said...

my mum binned them. I suspect we'll keep the FB's first fallen out tooth but that's it. I do miss having wobbly teeth

julia said...

Um, ew. That gem thing is just odd.

I keep my kids' teeth in a film cannister. And now they're all mixed together because I am, as I'm often told, the Worst Mother In The World. Hey, I do it well.

Erin said...

I'm pretty sure that my teeth are still in my mom's jewelry box or something. I have no idea why she kept them, but I guess I can also see wanting to hang onto them. I think I'm with Velcro, we might keep Em's first tooth out, but then the rest are goners.

PS: Congrats to Cass!

MsCellania said...

I would keep them for awhile anyway. As Ryan never could find his 3rd tooth (swallowed or on the floor? In this mess, who would know!) and later that night, LO & BEHOLD, the Toof Fairy did find it and place it in his box. They are breaking apart - we live in semi-arid climate.

But yes; after awhile I think they will get tossed.

Badger said...

Hey! My girl child lost a tooth on Friday, too! But it was her 10th. They're just not as special after the first one.

I keep 'em all in a Dixie cup in my dresser. I have no idea why.

Leggy said...

My son lost his second tooth on Friday also. We kept his first one, but I threw out the one from yesterday. Otherwise, I'll get confused about which was the first tooth. You know, to show his girlfriend when he's over.

Angela said...

I have them in an unused jewelry box.

Joshua lost his 2nd tooth tonight in Walmart. lol

Jeanne said...

I keep my kids' teeth in film canisters too, One for each. I have a little shoebox of souvenirs (baptism outfits, cards from when they were born, hospital documents from when they were born, hair from first haircut, etc) for each of them, and the canisters go in there. I don't think my mom kept ours.

That gem thing, that is just, well, gross. I shudder too.

M&Co. said...

I actually covered this ground here. And yes, I still have them.