Saturday, 24 February 2007

joy in everything

(clearing my throat. Ahem!)


Holy God, this just might work.*

And today we took the kids to see their Papa, who's been in the hospital for almost two weeks (and who scarily we weren't at all sure would still be around now) and it was magical, watching the kids' faces smile and their grandfathers face light up when he heard their boots come clomping in. Rosey and Papa played peek-a-boo through the bedrails. Cass's grin was so big that he wore delight like an accessory, and for a few minutes he wasn't sure what to say. He recovered enough to pepper his grandfather with questions about every.single.piece of medical equipment in the room, including the commode ('What's the wheely chair, Papa?' And from the other side of the room came R's voice, sure of herself.. 'Is Papa's potty.') and all the buttons on the hospital bed. By the time we left Papa was laughing and joking with the kids and Cass looked a lot less strained than he has lately. (Wednesday he broke into sobs at the dinner table, choking out that he was afraid he was never going to see my father-in-law again. Two weeks is a long time for a boy to be sad and scared.)

I made Kim's tomatoes (amazingly good with even the hothouse crap the store had) one of Badger's roasts (and I can't find it exactly and I think she used brisket but you should go read some of her recipes) fresh corn on the cob (it must be summer somewhere, right?) and salad - and Cass ate it all (including the green leafy stuff! Who knew bright orange dressing could make a kid do things like this??) And there weren't ANY leftovers.

So! Happy day! No pee! Papa Lazarus! Yummy food! Good night!

*I go pee now. And off she'd run, shedding pants, underwear and socks as she headed for the bathroom. Because apparently the most satisfying urination takes place in bare feet. Who knew?


Posybunny said...

I am so glad your father-in-law is doing well. And yay on the potty-training! It is such a relief when everyone is out of diapers.

Molly said...

Bare feet make everything better. So nice that your FIL and your children are SO in love! Great for them, great for him. Happy things are going so well...

Sarah Louise said...

So wonderful. What Molly said.

velcro said...

I'm glad to hear that your FIL is doing ok, and well done to Rosey on the potty training. The FB was the same with socks mind you he is a little flasher and we struggle to keep him in his underwear at the best of times

meggie said...

So glad the Papa is on the mend!
Children need every rellie they can get!
And the barefoot peeing--- it must be something, as SG always sheds his shoes & socks as well as his pants & undies, too!

Joke said...

NTS would be naked by the time he was 10 yards (or metres) from the bathroom door.

And his aim wasn't so impressive.