Tuesday, 6 February 2007

just you and ....

I love my jobs because I get to talk to many different people.

Take today - it was just myself and a co-worker in the office today. He's older than I by a small bit (probably his late fifties) and a very nice man. His kids had just been home for a visit and the two youngest had been showing off his new car, driving him around, blasting him with their music. He was delighted with both the company and the deluge of college-kid.

He was telling me how he hadn't realized music lyrics these days were so fiercely female.
He liked some of it, though, and was quoting the last one he'd heard and liked.

"It has a great beat! And the singer - she talks about turning this guy down and leaving him alone with the band!"

I was relatively sure I hadn't heard that one. Of course, college music and me...well, safe to say I'm on the fringe. (Wince. I sound old.)

Then...it came on the radio. Oh, I had heard this one!
Yup, bouncy beat. Yup, woman singer. Were the lyrics really about....oh, nooooo....

I tried to think of a kind and non-embarrassing way to tell him that the song title wasn't 'You and the Band Tonight' ...it was 'You and Your Hand Tonight'.

Thank God he realized his mistake before I had to explain the song he liked was an ode to gutsy-girl telling a guy to go masturbate.

Yeah. I think we might leave the radio off the rest of today.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...


For years, I thought that the first line of Neil Sedaka's song O Carole went likr this "O Carole, I'm a bloody fool..." but that ain't no where as embarrassing as this.

Angela said...


I do not think I have heard this one before.

MsCellania said...

This was good!

I had on headphones during a jog and was belting out some nasty lyrics along with the walkman (years ago) and was oblivious to the fact that 3 elderly men were sitting at a chess table behind a hedge in a park, looking at me in horror. OY!

meggie said...

Had to burst out laughing.
Nothing is sacred in the world of music!

wordgirl said...

There's nothing that makes me feel more "out of it" than getting song lyrics wrong. Especially when it happens in front of my kids.

My float said...

I can imagine how that incident would be vaguely disturbing in the workplace!

My son cracks me up with his "interpretations" of song lyrics. Then again...he's only three!

(Hey, thanks for your advice, I've been trying to find your email address to ask you what you did with yours, but I've lost it in the 8000+ emails that are cluttering my inbox. So if you're still inclined, would you mind emailing me so I can email you? Sounds hugely complicated but you know what I mean!)

Canada said...

Yes, I was waiting for someone to not "get" that song - too funny!!!