Saturday, 10 February 2007

puffer fish

Well, last night was fun.

I popped off to the manse after supper and got a phone call from home about an hour later. Bear had taken his new meds for his back and blew up like a balloon. Itchy welty hive-y, and his lips were beginning to swell. His heart was racing, and his tongue felt thick.*

While I drove four gazillion miles an hour home, he called an ambulance.

He was almost unrecognizable when I came in. Puffy and bright red, the poor boy looked...well, he looked like the MCP from Tron.

Bear, not happy.

He ended up being taken to the hospital, where they dosed and re-dosed him with steroids and industrial-strength benedryl. Today he's home, zonked out of his mind on all the hospital meds and alternately going to bed or coming downstairs for a snack and falling asleep over his food. Twice now he's gone to sleep mid-sentence. It's kind of entertaining, actually.

He's okay. But NO MORE Celebrex for him, 'cause I can't take him looking like a CG animated character.

There's a lot more - another family member in the ER too! My kids running up and down the halls for hours with noisy toys, refusing to get tired even though it was four hours past their bedtime! Trying to get them back to sleep at three a.m.! But when I write it down, it seems a lot more serious and dreadful than it was.

I will say this, though - I married into a really nice family. The support and caring there is phenomenal.

*This wasn't a severe, heart-stopping - intubating - he can't breathe reaction (Thank God!) although he's had those before too. Just mighty scary and uncomfortable.


Liz said...

What surprises me is that you didn't fall asleep mid-sentence typing. I think I'd be exhausted by all that er-visiting. Hope everyone's well.

angelfeet said...

That's awful. Even if it isn't a can't-breathe reaction, it's still very worrying. Hope everyone is back to normal soon.

M&Co. said...

Oh I'm sorry. That must have been so scary! Glad it's worked out though.

julia said...

Holy cow! That's the not fun kind of excitement.

Bug has not slept all. frigging. day. I'm about to lose my mind. I think she may be teething. I think I may be drinking tonight. Oy.

Badger said...

Yipes! I've been advised not to take Celebrex because I'm allergic to Sulfa. Or something. I prefer NARCOTICS anyhoo.

Susan Wagner said...

Goodness! That's far too much excitement. For me, at least.

Hope you all got some rest today.

(And Julia, I hope YOU got a drink. Teething sucks.)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Oooo. Glad all is well in the end.

Molly said...

Poor bear...hope he's back to normal now. Nothing like this kind of excitement to make you think a boring life isn't all that bad after all...

meggie said...

Too much excitement for me! You must be exhausted. Hope you all settle to 'normal' soon!

Erin said...

YIKES!! Glad to hear that Bear is ok. Anaphylaxis is no picnic. Hope everything is ok with the other family member who paid a visit to the ER, too.

daysgoby said...

Liz - Looong naps. Looong naps.

Angelfeet and M - Thanks! Everything is okay now.

Julia - Think this no-sleep thing is catching? R won't nap now for love or money. I'll buy the first round!

Badger - The really bad part? We KNEW he was allergic to sulfa. The doctor that prescribed that didn't ask B and the pharmacy didn't catch it. Narcotics next time.

Susan, LGS, Molly and Meggie - I kind of prefer the not-tomato version, too! Things are settling down now.

Erin - Thank you. The other member of the family is well, and home, and needs to up their meds.

MsCellania said...

You're the second family in a month who went puffer fish on something prescribed! What in the heck! Aren't COMPUTERS supposed to catch that shit?!

I am glad he's okay, and that you're all recovering.

And kiss Wosie and Cass.

My float said...

You sound so rationale and clear for someone who had two family members in the ER and very little sleep!

Angela said...

Thank goodness he is okay! How scary for all of you. My mom and oldest are allergic to sulfur as well.