Thursday, 22 February 2007

quit hitting the snooze button

A wicked moment:

All I can think is

I want one of these


I wonder if I should let it be a surprise for B?


Cat, Galloping said...

that is the BEST. i absolutely love it!

velcro said...

Oh I want one. MrV refuses to use an alarm clock, or rather he uses me as his alarm clock which means i get woken up even when I don't have to.

Angela said...

I have to wake Kenny up. he sleeps right through the alarm. This would be great, except I never hit the snooze. :( I just turn it off, tell him to get up and we both fall back to sleep. :(

Anonymous said...

Is that Clocky? I think I may get one for O. She will sleep thru her alarm for 45 minutes. It wakes me up. Three rooms and two closed doors away and I'M the one getting up to HER alarm. Rotten kid.

Goddamned stupid ass blogger won't let me sign in. It's julia.

stay-at-home mommy said...

I am FAR too irritable in the am to be able to properly deal with Clocky. I think Clocky would be taking a flying leap out the window if I were to own one.