Thursday, 24 August 2006

the luck, she is holding

The Blazer is having some gas gauge issues. It's up, it's can watch the little needle hop and skip all over the register as it merrily lies about how much gas is in the vehicle.

Can you see where this is going?

This morning on my way to work, I ran out of gas.


It happened in the best way possible.

I had already dropped off the kids at the babysitter.

The engine cut out in the middle of the big blue bridge,(see below) thereby allowing the car to coast down the decline and turn nicely into an empty parking lot, not die in the middle of morning-rush-to-work traffic.

The relative who rescued me (i.e. brought the gas can) was headed that way already, so he didn't have to make an extra trip. And he was sweet about it.

I cleaned out the car while I waited.
Holy cow, who on earth bought all these toys?

And, finally, I was an hour late for work, which meant I worked through my lunch hour. No sweat, since today was incredibly busy and I would have done that anyway...

All in all, a very lucky thing. Not too shabby at all.

Today's adventure has made us cautious about taking the highways, so the Discovery Centre will wait until next weekend. This weekend there's lots to do, so I'm sure we'll be busy....

Oh, and the car goes in on Tuesday. 'Cause I don't want to push my luck.


--erica said...

that is my worst nightmare..breaking down mid-bridge! Thank heavens it "coasted"!

MsCellania said...

Oh, that WAS a lucky bit of bad luck! I always break down in the middle of bumfuk nowhere...
I hope it's not too expensive to repair or replace the gauge. Yep - that's an important one!
Although you could do it by mileage...

Angela said...

First, what a beautiful view!

and second... what the hell? you found something optimistic in running out of gas on the way to work? I bow down to you! Youa re a much better person than I!

My word verification is: piget

Joke said...

Not pushing your luck is the first step in being amazingly wise.


julia said...

Here's a tip. Next time you fill up your tank, see how many miles you can go before you get down to a quarter of a tank. Then, memorize that number. This way, if your gas gauge breaks again, you'll know when to fill up.

Julia, former owner of a POS Volvo with a busted gas gauge, who learned this the hard way.