Saturday, 17 June 2006

going to be a wet and sandy summer

This morning I finished the bulletins. They were done late this week because of the storm - trying to work with a computer and printer during a power outage doesn't work so well. We have a guest speaker coming in again - something that almost automatically means the service will run long, with much speechifying, so it took awhile.

People are so flattered when they are asked to lead a service. I think they set out not only to prove how pleased and proud they are, but how their service will light us all on fire with the almighty grace (and sheer volume) of their prose. My grandfather would have said that this weeks' was a 'crick-in-the-neck sermon' - a lot of praying.

So I raced home after I was done, to corral kids and toss things in a bag, (Does anyone remember where we put the sunscreen last fall?) then we were off! First, errands, then... to the beach!

We were too late for the kite festival, but we took a shot at flying a kite, then Cass shucked off (I was showing R how to hold the kite when Bear's horrified voice said "What is he doing?" I glanced over and look! A naked boy running for the water!
C was quite put out that we wouldn't let him go in the ocean without his shorts on.) and the wave chasing began.

There were enough kids there that C soon made friends and R re-discovered the sea, and this year, she likes it very much, thank you. I tried hard to get some good pictures of her but she was all shrieks and chortles of glee and didn't want to stand still, didn't want to do anything but run back and forth in the waves.
And who could blame her? She filled her pockets with pretty stones and shells and ran her little legs off.

These pictures don't show it, but the sand shimmers - it's full of mica bits that made me think I should try panning for gold.

Cass loves the beach. It's hard being almost-five, and sharing everything with your sister is a real drag sometimes, and the beach is big and open and all his.

We finally came home, salty and sandy, falling asleep tired with sunscreen mooshed in our hair, and now I can't wait to go back.


MsCellania said...


Methinks there is NO BEACH in my immediately future. But I will post when we return.

Have a great week!

Angela said...

What a wonderful day!

Love the pics. It looks so pretty there.

I am glad you had a great time.

julia said...

Aww, sounds fabulous. I miss the beach.

Sweet Coalminer said...

Beautiful day.