Friday, 12 November 2010

frustrated foodie

I have a lot of food links. 

I like food, you see, like creating new recipes and old cookbooks and figuring out the kids' latest favourite thing and eating, my god, can't forget eating and planning a grocery list (altho' not so much the actual shopping) and trying to re-create experiments and remembering suppers gone by.

(I mean, holiday suppers. I don't moon around thinking of last Thursday's corn pudding and sighing.)

I am lucky enough to have found some great food bloggers and to have several sites that send me new recipes to try. And I do, really, but there are some things that I just cannot make, no matter how easy they are. Things that would never get eaten.

There should be a sub-set on many recipe sites:
Food that may taste good, but your kids? Are nevah, nevah gonna let any of this pass their lips. Good luck on that one.

Can someone tell me what would possess a person to name a pasta salad "Fruity Pasta Swiss Salad"? Or tout Eggplant Roll-ups as a family favorite? Put zucchinni on a grilled cheese sandwich. Or even use marshmallow in a main dish. Italian Marshmallow Chicken, anyone?

Trying to get my kids to eat that would be an exercise in futility. I can pick my own battles, thank you. And frankly, I'd rather deal with the tried-and-true narrowed-eye suddenly suspicious 'Do I smell onions?' than to break new ground with those horrors.

My kids have had all types of different foods. Some they even liked! And we never stop trying new things. Some recipes, though, are just not worth the trouble.

Although they do love Peanut Butter Pork, so what do I know......


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm fascinated to see how all three of my daughters choose to eat now they're adult and living in their own homes . Some differences have developed but some things seem to be ingrained . Lots of fish but no desserts seems to be a given but the rest varies .
On the other hand , when they'd all left , we started eating differently too . We've even been known to eat the odd bit of junk food . Shhhhh !

Dawn said...

Believe it or not, It does get a little better. Emily was quite the gourmet baby, with a palate that would put most adults to shame...Green beans and Watercress? Why Yes, thank you Mother.

Then she hit about age 13 months and it all went out the window. She actually would gag and VOMIT on restaurant table if we tried to slip a vegetable past her lips.

By age 10, she revealed that she Liked Caesar Salad. Enter my raised eyebrows. I sensed possible entry into a world of non pomme frittes...

At 12, she is good about at least trying new things. We figure we will just keep offering and one day she will order this stuff on her own and act like her shocked parents are imbeciles.

Loth said...

Yep, I too live in a sort of boy-dominated Animal-farm type world: Fried stuff GOOD, green stuff BAD!! I reckon I could actually hire my boys out as Micro-Vegetable-Matter-Particle-Detectors. If there was ever a call for such a thing.
And BTW, thank you for that link - if Santa takes the very heavy hints I have been throwing around, I will be getting a slow cooker for Christmas, so it will hopefully come in very useful!

alison said...

I hear you. I have one child that will sort of eat like a human being, and one who refuses to try anything new. I look longingly at new recipes, and then invite unwary friends over so that I can try them out.