Tuesday, 30 November 2010

dear people, I am insane

Insane? but why? It's almost C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S!!!

To which I snort Christ.

I need a year to get ready for Christmas, and I never seem to find one. Oh, I start out the year with plans! Big plans! Plans about how this year I will buy only meaningful things! We will give more, spend less! This year will be the one my children have less under the tree, but more in our hearts!

And while we're doing more as a family and being careful to be more in the moment, do you know what I did? I went on Chapters last night and bought not only a paper electric guitar (I have no idea either) but an accordian. For a child.

Insanity runs rampant around here at Christmas time....

Add to the usual holiday psychological mish-mash the fact that beginning next week, I will be unemployed, and you begin to see why an accordian seemed like such a good idea last night. I'm out of my mind.

(Unemployment short version, minus the wailing and knashing of teeth: Agency re-structuring and not renewing my position. They gave me a month's notice. I bear them no ill will.)

But it doesn't do much to lessen stress levels. Or obviously, my insanity threshold.
Step away from the Chapters website, Jess.....


Karime said...

Goodness! Best of luck to you! I also am insane... I wrote this the other day:
The Holidays

It's "that time"
of the year

Bright lights
hurt my eyes

push and shove

The food
makes me sick and bloated


I want
No one.


sweetcoalminer said...

Oh Amen, sister. We are so broke right now, and yet everything the kids want is twice the meager budget we may have thought about at some point in the past when we considered things like budgets. I can't stop checking websites for deals to try to get them all this stuff.

I'm sorry about your layoff and hope you're all ok, and, if you want, that you find a new position soon.

And when will we get our decorations from storage? When will we put them up? Get the tree? Make the cards? Mail the cards? I don't know that I need a year, but maybe another 6 months.

Yo-yo Mama said...

Really? An accordian? Did you make sure to pick up some ear plugs as well...

Sucks that they didn't renew your employment contract. I hope you find something quickly and that you also enjoy.

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm sorry about your unemployment. You never know, this might lead to something amazing.

An accordion?

Anonymous said...

I echo Jen's thoughts. May this be the start of new exciting possibilities.

Dawn said...

Boo about your job but yeah about an accordion, awesome! What's chapters anyways?

Jess said...

Thank goodness for all y'all, letting me know that I'm not alone...

Dawn, Chapters (chapters.ca) is a chain book store here in Canada with toys and things - a smaller Amazon, perhaps.

Loth said...

Unemployed? That's keech (Scots word: look it up). Hope things look up. I have done a lot of my shopping online but since we are all more or less snowed in, goodenss knows when or if anything will arrive. (Merry Chrismas - here is a printout of your Christmas present order on Amazon. You're welcome!)

Anonymous said...

An accordion, eh? Well...now your kid can be the next Weird Al Yankovic!