Monday, 8 November 2010


It's been raining here. For the last four days.

And not gentle rain, either - this is pelt-your-face angry rain, the kind that makes the trees unsteady and leaves the mud to suck at your shoes. Dent the lawn with footprints kind of rain.

Have I mentioned before that I live between a watershed and a river?

A very angry, rising river and a disgustingly bloated watershed? Oh yes.

So far, the sump pumps are doing their job, but it's a bit disconcerting to see the yard disappearing. And the ducks cavorting through what were flowerbeds. (hee! I originally typed 'fowlerbeds' - appropriate!)

No sign yet of the beavers. Maybe they don't like rain?

The rain is supposed to continue until Thursday. We're all going to be prune-y and weather-spotted by then, methinks.


Mary G said...

I just finished reading a news article about your wet nasty weather down there.
I do hope you're hanging in and having fun inside. Sending warm and sunny thoughts your way. It's soggy here too, but that's normal for eastern Ontario.

M&Co. said...

And we need the rain down here!

Anonymous said...

I think a bit excess rain is better than no rain. Water is life. Even for them fowlers.