Sunday, 25 July 2010

woefully behind the times

Wow, and I just got used to the idea of summer....

R has a very cool pool noodle. It's white, striped with red, and looks like a giant candy-stick.

Cass, of course, is cool and disinterested and secretly lusts for one (preferably without the red stripe) of his own.

So this Friday (the 23rd of July) I went into the local big-box yellow faced horror, and went hunting for a pool noodle. It was going to be easy - I mean, I was on my lunch hour, and since I knew just where they were, it would take no time at all - and I swung into the store, humming a little ditty, which died in my throat when I saw.

Where the pool noodles - nay, where the accessories, toys, and chemicals for pool section had been? A solid wall of backpacks and loose-leaf paper, markers and trapper-keepers.

WHAT? Had I lost a month? It couldn't be the last bit of August already, could it?

Nope. It was still mid July, hot as all get-out, still SUMMER, still....back to school? Not a pool toy in sight?

No. I refuse to believe it. We still have half a summer to go.

Don't rush me.


Anonymous said...

Too funny... Nora starts school on the 9th... yes, of August!!


Stomper Girl said...

I hate it when they do this with clothing! It'll be stinking hot in late summer, you suddenly realise your kid grew and needs new shorts and all you can find is winter clothing. I get that we need to prepare for the next season but keeping a few things for the current season, would that be so hard?

Jen on the Edge said...

So frustrating when stores change over the displays well before the appropriate season. Here, all the stores are stocking fall clothes, yet the temps are in the 90s. Naturally, one of my daughters just outgrew all her bathing suits, with five weeks left in the season, and none are to be found.

Isabelle said...

Pool noodle????

Little Red Hen said...

I've been looking for a blow-up floatie thing for the Trouts. No luck. Had to buy it in April. Next thing you know the Christmas juck will be in the stores.

MsCellania said...

We start school in three weeks. That sound you hear is my heels clicking together in glee.
Do not faint; there is Christmas stuff out in some stores. Horrifying!

Mummy Dearest said...

Ugh, tell me about it... Another reason big box stores get me all riled up!