Tuesday, 6 July 2010

party lobster

I walked around all weekend wondering what on earth was wrong with me.

I can't be getting old this fast, I thought. What on earth?

But still, plodding like an old mule. Tired. Heavy legs. Climbing the stairs took a long, long time. I had a nap both Saturday and Sunday. (Yes, it was delicious. But I don't usually do that, and it was starting to worry me)

Then on Sunday night I had a sunburn. And I finally clued in. (Cluelessness, thy name is Jess)

Sunday had been a day and a half.  It was Privateer Days, so the kids and I (deep breath)

went to:
a reptile show (and Cass handled a boa constrictor. I have pictures. I was too busy staring at the man that was putting a large and hungry-looking reptile on my son's shoulders making sure he knew what he was doing to really register it, but yes, my son wore a snake.

Bouncy castles.

Ate fair food. (God love the Kinsmen and their sinful, sinful french fries.)
Went to the library and the playground when it became apparent the midway people were sleeping in.
Went to the park
Dragged them home for a bit of quiet time
And ended up, like we have every day this week,
In the pool. For hours.
After a bite of dinner and a break, we roared back into town to go on the rides (I'm still the title-holding World's Meanest Mom because I won't let them go on the ride where they hang upside down)
and discovered that Miss Rosey has an incredible stomach for loop-de-loop and things you'd think would make her dizzy - not so!

She was still talking about how 'that ride made my brain feel like it was coming out of my ears, Mom! Let's go again!' when her brother finally drooped and cried uncle

and then we hung out on the playground

and watched fireworks when the sun went down.

They still had enough energy to bound up the stairs, complaining about the injustice of showers, and beg a few minutes of reading time. (They have me pegged. As long as they can get me reading, they've figured out bedtime can comfortably be forgotten.)

Then they went to bed. And it was all quiet.

I put out all the lights, struggled up the stairs one last time, and got ready for bed, realizing I was mightily red. And sore. My legs were killing me. What on earth?

Yes, Virginia, if you're going to spend afternoons in the pool, swishing and splashing and getting all sorts of unaccustomed exercise, it's best to use sunscreen.


Sarah Louise said...

so the exhaustion was from the sunburn? Wow, I've never been that red...


Stomper Girl said...

Ugh. Sunburn is the worst.

Anonymous said...

I got tired just reading about all that frenzied activity. But sunburn is Super Mom's kryptonite. Stay well.

Anonymous said...

Jess, they tried really, really hard to get me to let them ride the upside down ride. I kept saying no and Rosey kept saying, Mom would let us. Too Funny, they had fun on Saturday too.


daysgoby said...

Hee! No, the tiredness was from all the time we've spent in the pool lately....the sunburn, though, is what kept me up all night....

kyooty said...


Velma said...

Ouch! Hope your poor legs feel better soon!

blackbird said...

I'm exhausted READING about it!

Quirky Jessi said...

Sounds like a fabulous time. <3

Kathy said...

I kept saying no and Rosey kept saying, Mom would let us. Too Funny, they had fun on Saturday too.