Monday, 19 July 2010

I'm melting!

Like an ice cube in a tall glass of lemon-bedecked iced tea.


Yes, the weather is hot. But c'mon, it's summer! Where I live we dream all winter about heat, glorious heat that doesn't radiate from the wood stoves or the baseboard heaters, heat you don't have to pay for. Bright clear yellow light not from a lamp. The temperature is just a bonus, really.

Friday I picked up Cass from his first jaunt off to summer camp. He was filthy, (Me, tipping giant bag of dirty clothes directly into washer: Oh, look! There's your washing kit! *pause* Um, Beau?  Your washcloth! It's....dry! And the brand new bar of soap you took? Still unopened! Now how did that happen? Cass brought over his backpack. "I.....washed in shampoo, Mom!' And I couldn't bring myself to look at his toothbrush.) tired, and happy, so it was a rousing success.

And he learned, along with nature facts and how to stay up all night without waking up your counselors that not only did Jesus die for his sins, but he came back to life afterward. (Something I guess I'd forgotten to ever mention. I think we've covered that his religious education? Has sucked.)

(Cass whispering in my ear at the camp closing ceremony: Mom? Did you know this is a church camp??')

Why yes, boy of mine, I did. Did you learn anything?
He cocked his head.

If you put a black ant and a red ant together? They'll fight. Can I come back here next year?


Isabelle said...


Molly said...

Be honest now....Did you really expect him to open that bar of soap? They probably touched on a little conservation along with the ant warfare!

May-B said...

So great. I loved camp.

kyooty said...

AWESOME! sounds like he really enjoyed it. I love it when I hear that camps worked. I'm still nervous of sending my away. I'm such a wuss. We've been melting for about 2wks now up here, and it's crazy. My Livingroom is 30.5C and yet I think this is comfy? I must be getting used to it?

Stomper Girl said...

My boy also came back from his first camp filthy and exhausted and eager to return next year. But I bet Cass, like my boy, was also relieved and happy to be home again!