Tuesday, 20 July 2010


There are blueberries and raspberries growing wild in my side yard.

This isn't a new thing, I've talked about it before....but it's a simple thing that still fills me with amazement.

Tonight, cobbler. Or berries over ice cream.

I can't wait.


kyooty said...

Yummy! I spent many a summer in CB picking my way through the fields.

Isabelle said...

Well that sounds very nice. I have weeds growing wild in mine. I would pull them out if it would stop raining. Enjoy your cobbler.

alison said...

We picked some wild raspberries last Saturday from along the road that leads to the library. They're tiny and 45 mins of picking garnered enough to make 4 yogurt smoothies.

Megan said...

Well, sound a great idea of picking those cobbler. Enjoy!!

Pamela said...

wow..Sounds really yummy. I hope to have one. Well, enjoy your cobbler.