Monday, 27 July 2009

summertime, summertime

The kids have started swimming lessons at the local pool - Cass is mildly enthusiastic while vowing he will never,uh uh never put his head underwater and Rosey is getting all starry-eyed about her very sweet instructor. (Who would be dishy if he wasn't still or damn-near still in high school.)

Actually, that was from yesterday. Today Cass popped his head under - just like that! - and is now pleased as punch he can do that like a big kid. And of course as soon as he did, she was determined that she could do it too. I'm fairly certain they're both going to sprout fins soon.

The backyard pool is up, and was briefly wonderful and fantabulous and the best thing ever - then we started balancing the pH, and it all went to hell quickly. Rust? Algae? I have no patience, and want it settled NOW. After all, we did the work, right?

I had an ultrasound a few weeks back and now am the proud owner of ovarian cysts. It's a diagnosis I wasn't expecting*, as I haven't had any episodes of blinding pain, but now I'm super attuned to any (almost certainly normal digestive) odd rumbles or twinges, and I don't like it.

School starts in five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! Must begin getting school supplies together!

Anyone have any great girl haircuts they could offer? Rosey-roo's hair is too long, really, and overwhelming her face - but the bob just does NOT suit her. I have pictures where she looks like an extra in a David Bowie video - all that dark hair and heavy angles make her look like she's trying to look Asian. Asian-esque. Asian-ish?


(And I will mourn her lovely long hair. But she's hot and not enjoying ponytails all the time.)

I wanted to be Meg (from A Wrinkle In Time) when I was growing up. Because she wasn't hugely popular or athletic but still used everything she had with courage.

Now I realize I'm envious of her big attic bedroom too.....

my kingdom for a sleeping porch. Or maybe a hammock in the side yard.

*In a nutshell - and Dad, stop reading this: - menstrual periods with excessively heavy flow (up to 16 days duration) for the last seven months. I've been a treat to live with.


Jen on the Edge said...

When you say a bob doesn't work, what length are you talking about? Shoulder length? Chin length? Jaw length?

Stomper Girl said...

Jess's Dad, don't read this either.


Oh honey!

Ree said...

Did you think about buying stock in Tampax? ;-b

Sorry I have no suggestions on the hair cut issue. No girls... ;-)

Z said...

The thing with a bob on thick dark hair is that it puts all the volume immediately around the face which can overwhelm delicate features. So the alternatives seem to be tying it back or having it so short as not to need to.

How would a pixie-ish gamine cut suit her? She needs to have confidence to carry it off as not many children have that cut nowadays, but it will make people notice her face before her hair and if she's got lovely dark eyes they will look wonderful.

Swistle said...

I TOTALLY wanted to be Meg. Margaret/Meg is high up on my girl name list.

Chantal said...

I can't help with the hair thing, I only have boys.

My youngest refuses to put his head under water and the swimming lessons require it to advance. So no lessons for him till he does it.

16 DAYS. OMG. Will they be able to help that now that they know what is wrong?

Pam said...

Alas, poor you.

Garrison Keillor? Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery? I just love Lake Wobegon.

Anonymous said...

There is a photo of Rosey on your flicker where she has a chin-length bob and heavy bangs. She's wearing a shirt with either a light red or dark pink pattern and she's looking straight at the camera.

I think that length bob but layered with a razor effect and the bangs cut to be wispy instead of blunt would look really nice with her face.

I've found this site to be helpful when I wanted to change my hairstyle.

Mike said...

Your poor husband, sixteen days is not easy for him either, I bet. Hope all gets better for you.

Page boy look, maybe. Or how about the Dorthy Hamill look?

Meggie said...

Try some layering for the bob. Not easy to gauge children's hairstyles.

O I do sympathise. Hopefull help will arrive? Treatment? Cure?

Amanda said...

My daughter has the same issue, I keep it in a shortish bob, but most often pull little bits on either side back. Haphazard twists really, we like it.

MaryP said...

I had cysts which had me bleeding like mad (three 'periods' in six weeks), but since they weren't real periods, only bleeding caused by the cyst, there was no hormonal moodiness. Just a damned nuisance. Doctor nipped that sucker out in her office, and that was that. Back to normal.

Ovarian cysts couldn't be nearly that simple, though. Damn. What happens next?

Magpie said...

Sorry about the cysts - is there a treatment?

Once my kid learned to put her head underwater, she wouldn't stop. She even holds her breath in the bathtub.

alison said...

Sorry 'bout the cysts, the bleeding sounds horrible.

Could you grow Rosey's hair out and let it get long enough for ponytails/braids?

Oh, and I know *all* about dishy jailbait swim instructors. Yes, I do.


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