Thursday, 16 July 2009


I survived not only an ultrasound yoinking on old scars (am not pregnant, was not the point) yesterday, but an occurrence of the rarely-seen but hugely-hated chin breakout.

The sand for the poolis here. We're all terribly excited and we'll go spread and level it this afternoon. Tomorrow B will be home and he'll pack the stuff and we'll layer the rest of the big pool stuff and then....THEN...we can fill the pool.

I'm beginning to get a niggling feeling that I should be watermarking my pictures. Or something. Any advice?

Speaking of pictures, I sort camera last night. I'm still reeling (MAH BABY!) and I have NO IDEA where to take my preshus in to be fixed. I have a sneaking suspicion I may end up driving to Halifax.

I tried to plug the download cord in and succeeded in pushing the connector plug into the body of the camera. I flapped and swooned and was horrified until B, ever the practical one, explained that in the meantime I could take the memory card out and download into our card reader. So no harm, no foul, except that I broke my camera!!!!! ( she wails) a lingering sense of clumsiness.

A few weeks ago I entered a contest the lovely Schmutzie held - and I won a Ipod shuffle. (Go me - I never win anything) Now I'm noticing how much nicer my life runs when there's a soundtrack playing in the background. Really - how bad can the in-fighting be when Landon Pigg is crooning about coffeeshops? Ahem. Now I have to figure out what podcasts are and how they transfer onto this sweet little machine and I'll be all set.

Hum. This IS a harum-scarum post, isn't it? Ah well.

Going to have to steam my face tonight....

Mama, can I use the music player now??


Chantal said...

What a cutie pie! Hope all the pool work goes well and you are swimming tomorrow!

motherbumper said...

We just got back from our complex's pool and YEAH FOR POOLS!

But boo for broken cameras (Carsand Mosher always treated me well but it's been 10 years since I live in the 'fax so fwiw).

And I feel better when the watermark is there just because stealing happens more often then we realize. It doesn't stop them but at least it's easy to tell where it came from.

Vanessa said...

Oh now that is the cutest picture ever! :)

Anonymous said...

May you be swimming soon soon soon.

I hate breakouts.

Sorry about the camera. I adore my point-n-click and would be so sad if it broke.

Your daughter is a doll baby.

witchypoo said...

How can anyone possibly resist that adorable puppy-dawg look?

Stomper Girl said...

Having an ipod is the BEST, totally negates any whining children in the vicinity. I also play it on a speaker and the kids sing, dance and listen. Mind you, they are now starting to request I forward past some music (usually classical stuff, little philistines) and repeat (ad nauseum) their faves.

Your camera story gave me an unwanted visual of a Q-tip / cotton ear bud stick (don't know what you call them ovah theah) pushed too far into the ear, so you know, THANKS for that! Ow my brain.

daysgoby said...

Oh, but Stomper, that's EXACTLY what happened....

(thanks for the explanation - it's perfect!)

DD said...

If I bring booze, can I test the pool?