Sunday, 12 July 2009

such a bad, bad blogger

But honestly, it's turning into a very busy summer.

The kids came home on Friday, browner, leaner, and taller than I remembered, with giant smiles stitched across their faces and stories of a wonderful time. Cass went fishing (he's wanted to for a long time) and caught a mess o'fish. Rosey swam and dug holes on the beach and perfected her swinging on a swingset on the beach. They roasted marshmallows and ate yummy food and I'm surprised the adults that were there have any ears left a'tall - because when my two are happy? They talk.
Lucy was so happeeee to see them. When Cass went to bed that night, she pinned his head to the bed with her paws and washed his face for him. Such is patch-ed cat love.

I've been writing articles for the local newspaper for the last few months (under the guise of the Community Health Board) and it's been quite a journey. First the articles I wrote were credited to someone else ( a clerical error that kept happening and by no means a deliberate thing) and now...well, now I'm beginning to wonder if I was better off being (pretty much) anonymous. There's just something about other people editing your work for content that sours it.

And (a small whinge) the title that was added on? Ridonkulous.

But! A little souring is good for the soul. Or something. Especially if it means I'm getting published.

We bought a pool. A not-too-huge one, but one the kids can actually swim in versus kicking their feet a lot. On other words, a real pool. One of those inflatable jobbies that needs an absolutely level site. The site we picked? Not level, which became glaringly obvious when the pool began to list as it filled. So tomorrow B is going to level that part of the lawn (a process involving string, sticks, a level and a shovel) re-erect the pool, and then fill it.

(And somehow we're always surprised when the projects we pick take longer than we anticipate. We never remember the old rule of 'Plan for twice the amount of time and money than you originally think', and it bites us in the butt every time. We're either foolish or eternal optimists.)

A looong process for a very nice result.

The kids are hopping-up-and-down excited, and crestfallen at the lack of sun today. But just by having the pool (we have a POOL! says Rosey, all agog) - even while it's not functional - the promise of awesome times ahead is enough to smooth over this temporary setback.

Now if we could only have some sun.....


aliceinparis said...

Funny, I have been cleaning energetically today for a friend coming to stay and I just said to my daughter, projects always take twice as long as you think they will:) Still have lots to do...

Spanglish said...

Is it scary when the kids come home so changed? I swear sometimes Zoey wakes up and looks bigger than the night before.

Happy times ahead with the poool.

Congrats on the writing gig!

Stomper Girl said...

I'm like you with the optimistic predictions! Wow, a pool in the backyard they must be jumping out of their skins!

Jessi said...

Congrats on being published! It sucks that it has its down sides, though.

apathy lounge said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to take that "Bad Blogger" award away from you, dearie. I've sucked quite a bit of late. Partly due to my split allegiance at Women's Colony and partly due to the fear that nothing all that interesting happens to me. Either I've led a very boring life, or the parts that aren't boring would hurt too many feelings for me to write about. I'm SO stuck.

Steph said...

Hey is that the Bridgewater Bulletin? Will have to look for you!