Tuesday, 14 July 2009

oh so poolish

Oh mah GOD.

The pool, or 'Sweet Mary on a carburetor, what were we THINKING??' is coming along. I think.

In order to level the ground, there are a distressing lot of things one must do. I mean, it's good, honest, productive work, but wow, is it dirty. I looked like a La Brea Tar Pit tourist that had fallen in. Cass was unrecognizable. B was a giant brown smudge. Rosey....well, Rosey had a very dirty face, black arms and legs, and a clean white shirt at the end. She's so not mine.

We're stuck at the point of needing sand to put under the pool now. Some will be delivered soon, and then we'll be able to spread the sand, check that the whole area is level, re-set up the pool, and then (the piece de resistance!) the fire truck will come and fill the pool. You can guess which part Cass is excited about - possibly even more than any actual swimming.

So now we have a big dirt circle on the lawn. It's lovely. And soon I will have an actual pool I can swim in. I think.

I would hate to think we were being poolish about things.


Jen on the Edge said...

The best part is going to be when your children want to swim on 55 degree days.

Mike said...

But your gonna love having the cool water this summer. Nothing like big family projects to keep you all busy. Have fun...

BTW can I come over when it's finished?

Anonymous said...

Hey, the set up will be just a memory and then the fun starts. Yippeeee!!!!! U and the kids will have a blast.


Stomper Girl said...

Wow, the FIRETRUCK is coming? How cool.

I am still baffled by Rosey's clean white shirt.

Chantal said...

When we lived in a country village all the pools were filled by county water trucks. The truck was followed by a trail of kids wanting to watch. Oh the fun of country life.

Meggie said...

Pools... always meant a lot of work for ME. Everyone loved to swim, but no one wanted to clean! Fun for the kinder though!