Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Last night was Cass's first grade school program. An entirely Christmas-centered program. Cass was, of course, a pumpkin.
(After being an S.*)

Actually, it was great. He was great. Rosey was a crankypants, but that was okay. Small ones usually are late at night.

I just can't wait to see the video of the concert at school at assembly.

The small voice saying 'I hafta go bathroom. I need to go PEE!' right into the microphone of the video recorder of the mom behind me?

Yeah. She would be mine.

*Cass had a phrase to remember: S is for Santa in his sleigh soaring. Every (single) time we practiced, he would say 'snoring.'
After he (whew!) said it flawlessly, he turned right around and flashed me a delighted thumbs-up. He brought down the house.


Spanglish said...

Your kids are so funny...

Stomper Girl said...

Well done Cass. That is a tricky line to say.

If he was a pumpkin why is he dressed in green?

daysgoby said...

That was while he was being an 'S'.
His pumpkin costume? Was a little cut out pumpkin on a string around his neck.

He brought it home today - another thing for the memory box!