Thursday, 27 December 2007

dirty snow

I cannot believe the season is over and now there's nothing but a long, hard slog until Spring.

This is probably my least favorite time of year, where mud and ice and snow do battle and debating between an umbrella and mittens takes a few minutes of thought.

This mood is brought to you courtesy of: a winter storm that just grazed us, bringing not the expected snow and ice but snow and rain, dampening everything and the mud making the bootscuff mats in the car stink like spoilt water.

I am unaccustomed to this weather shift happening until (much) closer to Spring, and it makes me grumpy and out-of-sorts. Not so the others in the house, though!

The kids see the patches of bare ground and pester to go to the playground. 'Can we take the bicycles out?'

They run, ruddy-cheeked, over hill and dale and stomp in puddles and search vainly for crocuses.

They almost make me believe that the smell in the car will go away and that Spring will come.



Sarah Louise said...

oh, i do lurve your writing!!

Phil said...

You need to come to Pennsylvania for the Farm Show next weekend. And join me in eating my way through the food court. It is the best way to deal with the after Christmas blues.


Loth said...

Sounds like the kind of weather we have in Scotland from, oh, about October through to end of May!

the mama said...

honey, i hear ya. i hate winter with a passion. i hate snow, sleet, rain, fog, and the impending state of gloom that it drags in on it's shoes. winter sucks. this is about the time i start planning my summer. that helps.

Suzanne said...

Come to Oklahoma! We have had all 4 seasons this week alone!

motherbumper said...

I have a love hate relationship with Winter. Dirty snow post Christmas always sends me into a funk. What are we, one week into Winter and we are already wishing for Spring?

jAMiE said...

I love winter myself...but not when it's rainy..only when we have tons of snow, otherwise it can be downright depressing..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Anonymous said...

Since when does an umbrella stand a chance in the windy rains we have in winter here?
For this climate you need to have ugly boots. You know, the kind that are waterproof and lined? Otherwise, you will never go out of the house.