Tuesday, 25 December 2007

after supper

The scene now:

The fairy princess, bedecked in a fancy tiara, a pink t-shirt with a crown on the front, a long, filmy purplish skirt, and high-heeled shoes, is playing Candyland with the intrepid dinosaur wrangler, some of whose charges keep wandering onto the board and eating the cards.
In the background, Ms. Potato Head lies drunkenly askew, her nose buried in Snow White's skirt. She's apparently mourning the loss of her husband, who is exiting the room seated in a giant red truck. (Mid-Spud life crisis?)

The Ponies are restless, and looking for a Play-Doh snack.

Really, if they had more swag it wouldn't fit in the house.


Anonymous said...

That's the problem when they're little. Their stuff takes up so much space. When they're older, gifts are more compact, but take up so much of your bank account.
I'm happy you had a lovely day.

jAMiE said...

I hope you had a lovely day...Merry Christmas to you!

Sarah O. said...

Aww. I miss having little kids at Christmas.

Then I remember how high-maintenance they are.

Naw, I still miss having little kids at Christmas!