Saturday, 25 August 2007

wrinkly pages

I was reading in the livingroom today while Cass watched a movie, and became gradually aware that I knew this, I did, and what the hell? I had to be wrong.

Surely noone had taken that bright and shining book and pressed it dry and lifeless into a movie, had they?


Stifling an impulse to ram my fingers into my mouth and burble Why, God, why? I watched helplessly as the plot was turned inside out and back around again.

It was cleverly done - the effects were quite good, and someone spent a sh boatload of money on hiring established stars...but if you're not going to remain even a little true to the book, what's the point?

Cass was oblivious to my distress. He loved the movie, and was disappointed when it ended abruptly (and what the hell is up with mystery tv? They take old movies and break them up with so many commercials [advertising what's coming on that channel, natch] they have to stop the movie in the middle.) and now we'll have to hunt out a copy somewhere, I suppose.

I think if I just wait a few weeks I can read him the book and he'll never connect the two.

Update: Halloween costume red alert: He's changed his mind. Now he doesn't want to be a pirate ship (thank god) but.....

he wants to be a dragon. Preferably one like he's seen used for the Chinese New Year.

I'm so screwed.


M&Co. said...

Y'all are already talking about Halloween! Ack we are behind the eight ball aren't we?

Angewl said...

Dragons! Cool! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I have been scoping out fairy and princess outfits for the munchkin. I admit it.

Little J has been bouncing between a vampire (sigh... again, one of them wants to be a vampire) and a pirate. Big J is now too old to go. sniff... sniff....

meggie said...

I am quite glad that Halloween is not an Aussie tradition.

jAMiE said...

I bet a dragon costume would be tres cool, any ideas yet?