Monday, 27 August 2007

(bad) construction sight

The region has been working on putting new sewer lines and water hookup to a part of town for what seems like forever (and is actually a matter of months now) and my kids love the flagmen. Love to wave, love to have them wave back. I hate the waiting. The site is dusty, dirty, and too long.

Today when we pulled up I was distracted (concentrating on my day ahead) and didn't notice there was a new flagmen. Cass noticed, though. From his seat behind me came 'Rosey, look! That's not the guy from last week!'

Rosey pressed her nose up against the window and agreed.

They were both waving as we got to the head of the line (stopped again, damnit) when C faltered.

'Mom....' (a pause, then a steathly whisper)

Rosey! Look at his pants.

Rosey considered, nodding. Poiple, Tass. Poiple. See, Mama?

'Oh! I guess they are!' They were actually kind of mauve-ish....

We all studied the flagman in the poiple pants. He was sort of squat and square, barking into his transmitter, turned toward the other flagman, who was busily waving at the kids. Cass said, flatly, 'Those aren't purple, Rosey. They're pink. Mom, why does he have pink pants on?'

'Maybe he likes pink.'

Then the worker turned around and waved us forward - and suddenly the pink pants made sense. Because the flagmen was a squat, square, hard-hatted, steel-toed wearing woman.

Rosey rolled down her window. 'You're a girl!' she told the surprised woman as we thundered by.

(I'm pretty sure at that point I was the same color as her pants.)

And I'm very sure that on the way home, we'll be taking the other road.


Dawn said...

That's the funniest thing ever...I am also always surprised to see a female flagger! Not very women's lib of me but hey it's true.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

The adventures of cass and rosey never fail to amuse.

Anonymous said...

My dogs are looking at me like I'm crazy because I'm laughing out loud at Rosey's grand observation.


I'm sure the flagger didn't mind at all being told "You're a girl."

kimmyk said...

it's good for them to see that not all "man" jobs are done by men.

but still that would have been funny to hear.

meggie said...

A good laugh to start the day!

Beagle said...

You have the best stories over here! I'm so glad I stopped by!

My float said...

Don't you just love everything they come out with?!

We saw a man with one leg last week. The boy decided he would tell everyone. In front of the man. And because everyone stared off into thte distance, trying to ignore him, he decided to say it again. Louder.

Sigh. You've got to love that honesty!

caramaena said...

ah the honesty of kids :)

My son saw a boy with two artificial legs on the weekend and was all excited about showing me the 'robot legs' that the boy had.

Angewl said...

bwahahahahahahaha HILARIOUS!!

Stephanie said...

I love Rosey!!!

I haven't seen a woman "flagman" since I was last in California in April. Good for women flaggers!!

(BTW...thanks for the kilt referral!! Now I'm all...waiting for my husband to get home and...OH how I love men in kilts!!! You know me well, my friend!!)