Saturday, 4 August 2007

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Wal-Mart To Sell Christian Action Figures
Retailer Claims Demand High For Faith-Based Toys That Include Talking Jesus Doll

(AP) Wal-Mart said Tuesday it will test sales in some stores of biblical action figures whose makers say they are aimed at Christian parents who prefer their children play with Samson, David or Noah rather than with a comic book character or Bratz doll.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien said the toys made by One2believe, a Valencia, Calif., company, will be offered in 425 of Wal-Mart's 3,376 discount stores and Supercenters.

One2believe Chief Executive David Socha said his products were part of a "battle for the toy box" with dolls and figures that he said carry negative messages.

"If you're very religious, it's a battle for your children's minds and what they're playing with and pretending. There are remakes out there of Satan and evil things," Socha said.

Wal-Mart's O'Brien said the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer believes there is demand for faith-based toys.

The toy line will be on some Wal-Mart shelves starting in August, mainly in the Midwest and South but also in California and as far northeast as Pennsylvania, O'Brien said.

"It is a test. It's not a national rollout," O'Brien said.

The toys, based on biblical stories, include a 3-inch figure of Daniel in the lion's den, a 12-inch talking Jesus doll and 13-inch Samson action figure.

Wal-Mart has always carried some faith products, mainly stationery, books and music, but this is the first line of toys with a faith theme, O'Brien said.

"I think there is an interest in faith-based toys and we are testing it in our stores," O'Brien said.

It is a leap in scale for One2believe, which so far has mainly sold its figures directly to churches and ministries and through its Web site, Socha said. 4 August, 07

See, I don't know what to say about that.

At my house, though, I would give it two days (max) before Jesus would be Spidey's new sidekick, borrowing Superman's cape and kicking some Philistine butt.

And what does the talking Jesus doll say???


meggie said...

OMG I am appalled! I hope they dont get a market.
And, like you, I am wondering just what does this hideous Jesus doll say???

WV is 'fxlckl' ...seems strangely appropriate??

Badger said...

Now see, I would totally buy a talking Jesus doll. Not for my kids, though. And I'd keep him in my Krishna/Khali lunchbox.

Jenny said...

I'm thinking he says stuff like "What would I do?" and "My dad is better than your dad."

Just a guess.

kimmyk said...

LMAO @ Jenny!!

I ALWAYS ALWAYS AL...WAYS wanted a bobble head Jesus to put on the dashboard of my Jeep. Can you imagine how much fun that would be????

See, *my* Jesus has a sense of humor...and I think *my* Jesus would like to know that I am smiling. Sorry Meggie if that offends you to appalled again. Eek.

wordgirl said...

These fundamentalists are giving Christianity a bad name. What a bunch of kooks! Why is it you don't see Jews or Hindus doing this stuff? Why?? Because they've got more integrity than that.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I had to think about this one but I think it is a bad idea. I can understand churches using the dolls as teaching aids but to sell the toys as a consumer item seems inappropriate cause kids will indeed put them through the wringer.

I think it is inappropriate to see a Jesus doll with one or two missing limbs (lost while fighting Jurassic Park dinosaurs) and now dressed in Barbie's latest fashion attire, having tea.

Can you imagine the uproar if someone made a Prophet Muhamad action figure? Christians also deserve that Jesus be treated with dignity and reverence.

Stomper Girl said...

Seems a bit ... disrespectful?

Anonymous said...

What if Jesus Doll hooks up with Barbie?

Jenny is a funny girl.

kimmyk said...

Lone Grey Squirrel cracked me up.
I had visions of Mrs Nesbit from Toy Story where Budlightyear had on that silly hat having tea?!? You know the scene? HA!

They'd have to serve wine though. I'm not sure Jesus does tea.

Joke said...

I'm with Jenny & SG on this.

But I see the commercial wisdom in the Noah thing. First you get the kid the Noah action figure. Then you have to get the rest of his family, then ALL THOSE ANIMALS.

Then you have to get the ark.

Then you have to get NyQuilJr after the little tyke spends the afternoon playing with all of the above in a driving rainstorm. If you have access to a pool, it gets even worse.


P.S. Badge, I'm APPALLED at your lunchbox. You should get this one instead: