Monday, 27 September 2010


There is a blogging conference in Toronto next month and I'm not going.
(stomps her feet)

And I haaaaaaaate it.

I had my vacation this summer, took all the time off from work I think I can get away with, especially now (not my stories to tell but things are happening at work)  and I can't really afford it anyway and the kids birthdays are coming up and snuffle snuffle whine whinge

but I wanna.
(stomps her feet)

Y'know, I really thought I'd be farther along than this. I have a good life, a great life, in most respects, but I'm espying forty over the horizon and not being able to do anything spontaneous? Just for me?

sucks. Big fat sweaty donkey balls sucks.

But just so you know? Blissdom Canada '10 is going to rock.

And I'll see you there next year.



Anonymous said...

Sorry Jess but you can't have everything. Send some scraps my way please.

mapsgirl said...

You will definitely be missed. I look forward to meeting you at Blissdom Canada '11 ! (or sooner if spontaneity changes their mind an you can come to Toronto sooner)

Major Bedhead said...

I'm not going either - I wanted to but I just couldn't swing the cost. I don't know if I'll make it to BlogHer next year, since it's in California, but I'm going to try.

Mike Burnside said...

Wait, Blogher is in California this year? Can guys go? I live in California....

Elizabeth said...

Didn't know about this. I can't swing it either and it's just a little drive down for me.