Thursday, 2 September 2010

the end of summer

And it's suddenly the LAST day of summer vacation for my two, and oh! what a'griping and a'groanin' did I hear this morning when I sang up the stairs that they had to get ready to go to the babysitters!

Geez. You'd think I was pulling them from sleep, or something.


Today is exciting, because after the work day is done, they get to go and have their hair done. And there will be the usual new backpack and sneaker buying frenzy before school begins tomorrow.

Adding to the excitement is the possibility of a hurricane making a wash of Nova S this weekend. Suppose I'd better scoop up some basics, too, in case we're without power for a few days.

The last few days have been unseasonably hot. We put our pool back up (we'd taken it down before we left for vacation) and due to a couple of leaks it sits lumpishly half-filled, waiting for more water.

R didn't care. She splashed and crashed and tossed herself around. I daresay she had more fun by herself with it last night, even as a glorified wading pool, then she would have had sharing it with others.

I had fun watching her, too. My, the summer went fast!


Audrey at Barking Mad said...

Summer did go by fast. And you're right about it being HOT HOT HOT! Today is just wicked miserable already and it's not even 9AM yet!

It's kind of like summer realized it had been lazy and then woke up and said, "Woah, dudes, I've still got a few punches left in me!" Oiy!

I remember those last couple of sweet days before school started. Trying to squeeze out every last drop of fun before the first bell of the new year rang. Great memories!

Mary G said...

Be safe if the storm hits you!

kyooty said...

hehe I hear I may get a bit more of your Hurricane here for the rain? I guess? they can't seem to tell me where it will go? Right now though clothes are drying on the line in 30minutes!:)
my kids wont go back until Tuesday and Wed. I like that plan better

Caro said...

Smart girl to get that last swim in!

Loth said...

Fingers crossed that Earl stands you all up!

Isabelle said...

We're having glorious weather now that the schools are back. Grr.