Friday, 4 June 2010

Driving and telling stories

Of course the drawback of having a commute into work each day would be traffic. Traffic doesn't bother me, though, not as much as the incessant road repair and the odd gatherings of four or five NS Power trucks, their owners all out and peering up at a light pole like it was going to reveal the hiding place of the Holy Grail or at least tonight's lottery numbers.

Not much seems to vex me about driving, not when I've got an audiobook on.

I just finished Mary Kay Andrew's The Fixer-Upper (liked it, will probably read it now so I can go at my own pace) and am now looking for something new. I also tried (and discarded) an Elizabeth Berg book, Say When, that looked promising but failed. I like her characters, altho' her books move ponderously in places, but the plot of this one involves a woman leaving her husband, and hearing it read by a man (who makes the woman's voice sound wasp-ish and mincing) was just wrong. I couldn't get into the characters - couldn't buy it - because it was wrong.

Sometimes hearing a book just doesn't work out.

At home I have a book called 'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind', which looks all kinds of interesting.

Lets see; what else is new?

Rosey lost a tooth last night, not The Tooth, but another. The Tooth Fairy remembered to bring home shiny toonies when she got home from work, but then he (see the pronoun change there??) couldn't find the tooth under the pillow and ended up waking the small girl. This morning she leaned toward me as we brushed our teeth and said confidingly
'I think Daddy left me the money for my tooth.'

Stomper Girl, I thought of you.
And I thought for a minute about telling her the truth. It probably would be more honourable, and all that. But she's five.
She went on:
'Daddy woke me up last night with his hand under my pillow. And this morning, I found this.'

And there, clutched in her little pink paw, was the tooth.

Bear boomed out a reply from the bottom of the stairs. 'I was looking for the tooth so I could show your Mama. The Tooth Fairy must have come after I left.'

She pursed her lips. 'But the Tooth Fairy didn't take my tooth!'

A perplexed silence from downstairs. It was my turn to save the day.

'We-e-e-ell,' I said, thinking hard,  'you didn't get to give the Tooth Fairy your first two teeth, remember? Maybe she decided to let you keep this one.'

It was convoluted logic, but she bought it.

Thank goodneth.


kyooty said...

That toothfairy is a tricky person. There's always something. We had an indicent where she didn't show up because the window was closed and locked. (it was the dead of winter)

Stomper Girl said...

Good save! I don't let my kids put teeth under pillows because the Tooth Fairy is tiny and might have trouble lifting it. Special pillow/bag or a glass of water.

blackbird said...