Monday, 31 May 2010

betcha I forget this, and soon

How do I manage to get absolutely nothing done and still be busy as a bee? A question for the ages.

Last weekend was fun, albeit boy-less - Saturday he had a sleepover and Sunday, the kids went with their auntie to see Peter Pan in the theatre (Mama! They flew!!) and a good time was had by all...

except me, who had so many plans for the weekend and finished NONE of them.

Along the same lines, I'm starting to suspect that there isn't a decorating bone in my body. See, I'm not interested in having a show-place home (and woe to me if I did, what with busy kid feet and pet fur everywhere, plus a plethora of tiny plastic toys) but something that matched would be nice.

And I have next-to-NO idea how to do that.

I'm not stupid. I can dress myself, thank you, and I've a decent eye for colour, but I watch decorating shows and am just all agog. How on earth do they know putting that with that would look good?? And why do those look good together, when separately they look like tag-sale cast offs?

It's enough to drive a girl to drink.

And it's time for a drink. Time to start making iced tea, people! Mmm, with fresh mint.


Meggie said...

Sigh... the little bits of mint I have salvadged from Gom are in a pot, & being eaten by voracious insect! However, I dont like real tea, so Mint Herbal tea will be very nice!! haha.

Bon said...

i have begun to notice that i could use some decorating help. or at least some decorating. i think part of the problem is that the simple Ikea aesthetic that was - post college - my idea of the classiest look possible, since it did not involve sarongs as curtains, has gradually become...dare i say it? dated. especially with all those decorating and home shows raising the bar. so i too feel like i just don't know where to begin. nor do i want to, um, spend anything. :)m

Loth said...

The answer to your opening questioning is: Facebook.