Tuesday, 18 May 2010

and the sky looked like the sky in books

Yesterday was gorgeous. The kids were out on their bikes, testing the wind, and the sunlight sparkled everywhere and the sky was an unbelievable blue

Really, a blue you'd think was re-touched or photoshopped or coloured in or something from a dream
(it's not)

And even the last few apple blossoms winked in the sunlight.

Spring is here. And all the colour is back. Finally.


blackbird said...


Meggie said...

Very nice spring pics! I am having trouble reading blogs, because of the bundle of fur, aka Morty, on my mouse pad!!

Loth said...

I believe you. We bring back photos from NS every year and every year someone asks if the sky and water really are that blue, the trees that green and we sigh, and say yes, yes they are.........