Tuesday, 27 April 2010


The kids rooms need to be updated.

Cass still has the paint job that he had as an infant - his nursery was very gender-neutral, so it's a mixture of yellow and white and blue, with kites flying overhead and puffy white clouds painted on a blue ceiling.

He still loves the sky-ceiling. But all the rest we could change, and he'd subside without a protest. We're thinking a loft or bunk bed, many, many shelves to hold toys, and a good tall bookcase for his books. I'd also like to put in some matting (something that could be shaken out if necessary) - perhaps some sea-grass stuff?

The trouble is that I want to do something pulled together, at least vaguely, and not too-little-boyish, and yet don't want to do a room in camo or anything. (He'd love that. I would weep every time I went in.)

Rosey's room is green (a very gorgeous green the colour of rose leaves on a cloudy morning) and ivory. She loves purple and pink. Flashy, splashy purple-and-pink.
I want to do rooms they can live in for a few years without them being too baby-ish. Or too pink.

I've been watching Sarah's House, and eying decorating blogs, and I've got some ideas, but holy....this scares the heck right out of me. (I'm the one who doesn't choose paint colours well, remember?)

Mostly, storage. STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE. But well-thought of storage, not just masses of containers to dump things in.

So I started today. I ordered both the kids shades for their rooms. True, neither is a fabulous colour (one is gray and the other gray-purplish, but it's a start.

And I want a chandelier for R's room. B'cause they're pretty.


Jen on the Edge said...

Have you looked at the Pottery Barn Kids catalog? Not to buy, because they are way overpriced, but for ideas.

For storage, do you have an Ikea near you? They have all sorts of amazing things, including lofts and bunk beds. If you're worried about the height of a loft, Ikea has a great half-height loft that gives the kid the illusion of height without the actual scary height itself. We've had one for a few years and G loves it.

kyooty said...

Have fun!! My 8yrold doesn't want us to paint over his Winnie the pooh and Eeyore that came with the house.

kittenpie said...

I do love the planning of new rooms... Pumpkinpie's is yellow with pink and green accent bits like curtain, clothes pegs for hanging, and flowers painted on the wall. I think it will last her a while. For storage, we have a dresser and bookcase, but the best is that her room was once a second-floor kitchen, and we left the upper cabinets in over her bed, where we store all extra clothes for next sizes and seasons, as well as linens, and boxes on top of them with shoes for next sizes. Yay, storage!

The Bun's is a lovely pale blue with muted sage greens and grey blues and browns in the curtains and linens, and then fun bits like brown monkey hooks hanging over the door, some paintings of Thomas trains on one wall, paintings that Pumpkinpie made on another.

My current obsession is with repainting one of his walls where it has gotten badly scuffed and some marks from renovating have bled through. That, and these amazing metal letters that I'd like to buy to spell out his name, but are PRICEY, so I'm waiting. I do think that being bare metal, they'd be cool forever, so I might just spring one day!