Thursday, 1 April 2010

splenda is nasty, nasty stuff

The latest in the long list of terrible, horrible things I've done/am doing to my body:

I'm not eating sugar.

Yes, I know it's Easter. (I never claimed to be terribly bright.) And (trust me!) my whole body is (hyper) aware of the chocolate it's not getting.
And it resents that.
Hoo boy, does it resent that.

(So far [we're whispering so that my brain doesn't register that we're talking about contraband] it's not been too hard. The hardest things seem to be buying food outside the home - like lunches and things -  and not offending Rosey when she wants to share her goodies.)

This isn't the result of a bad medical report or anything of that ilk, just the realization that I was either adding sugar to my coffee or drinking regular coke or having ice cream every day, and that can't be healthy.

And I'm not setting myself up for failure by saying never. I'm not eating sugar right now. I had my coffee with a shot of 2% this morning (yes, yes, lactose, but I'm not adding to that) and it went over surprisingly well.
Then after lunch I figured hey, why not, I haven't tried fake sugar since before I was pregnant with Rosey, I'm sure it's better now, immediately followed by cough cough gag gag wheeze

and I think I'll stick to the plain-and-bitter kind, thank you.

Maybe the Easter Bunny can bring me some nice fruit. Y'know, or something.


Poppy Buxom said...

Splenda is not nasty. It's great! I use it all the time.

Unfortunately, Splenda makes me gain weight, gives me wrinkles, makes my husband take scary amounts of naps, and gives my children acne. All those things started happening after I started using 6 to 10 packets of Splenda a day. Which is why I know it's a fact. I'm no fool. I know cause and effect when I see it.

Jen on the Edge said...

As someone who has been working hard for a few months to break the sugar habit, I understand. It's hard, but luckily it's not impossible.

Ricki said...

For the love of your body, don't use Splenda...chemically speaking it's worse than processed sugar!

Have you tried Stevia? All natural, no calories, takes very little to make something sweet (and more is NOT better...ew trust me on that!).

We don't have sugar in the house and haven't for months.

Stomper Girl said...

Erch. I can't bear the taste of faux sugar, have never known how people could drink diet drinks or eat diet jam.

Meanwhile, 2 sugars in my cuppa! But! I must blog about my lemon juice routine because that has really decreased my sugar cravings.