Friday, 2 October 2009

preview of the goth years

Almost-five is precocious. Almost-five is independent. And very sure of her choices.

Rosey shot up another clothing size in the last month, so her Fall wardrobe needed new stuff. And as she's almost-five and choosing her own way among the styles and colours of things, she's experimenting. With colours. And styles. And the absence of and additions to frilly-ness.

Last night she decided she wanted to wear her new black top to school today. (Black? Black. With an embroidered design...a heart with a crown on it? Something. In black thread.) I laid out her denim skirt, some white tights and a white hair bow.

So I wasn't prepared for R to hit the breakfast table this morning in her new black top, her black jeans, gray socks and tennies, looking older than she should and without a hair bow in sight.

'No bow, Mama. I'd like ponytails today. Without ribbon.'

Oh, crap, so soon? I'm not done buying the cute stuff yet! I kept my tone light. 'R, are you sure? You look kind of....'


'...dark. I mean....wouldn't you rather wear some colours?'

She considered, her head tipping with the weight of her thoughts. 'Sure.'then left the house dressed in black, her fuchsia backpack and her pink cap breaking it up a bit.

I'm really hoping the school psychologist wasn't in today.

Between Rosey doing her Daria impression and Cass's black eye*, we look like a family on the edge.

*What IS it with Cass and black eyes in October? This time he was playing with a friend and twisted at the wrong time.


Ricki said...

Well maybe she'll go through it now and skip over the drama when she's a teenager :)

Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are the coolest mom. My mom did not let me pick my own clothes, whether shopping or for school, until I was eleven... and by then I was so tired of looking like her doll that all I wore for an entire year were my ripped jeans and my dad's t-shirts that hung to my knees (to hide my blossoming boobies because I did not want my mom to take me bra shopping).

All of that changed when I started junior high the following school year... I doubt you have a tiny Wednesday Adams on your hands.

Badger said...

Ha! I was going to say get used to it, because in another ten years .... :)

Isabelle said...

Ah, that's why school uniforms are a good idea. No choice.

I would be quite happy to wear a teacher's uniform, actually. Save thinking in the morning.

apathy lounge said...

I know!! Black on a little girl (unless it's pants or tights or skirts) looks strange in a casual venue...less so when it's dressy. We have such a short time in life to be cute and the rest of our lives to be sophisticated.

Magpie said...

oh yeah. i bought my kid a black camisole at target one day, because i have one and she asked. so she wears it with a navy skirt and ripped black tights and a dark purple sweater, and yeah - goth at five.

clothing is a battle i am disinterested in.

Woman in a Window said...

They do it, oh boy, do they do it! Break out there all freedom and style. At least black matches black. You wouldn't believe the outfits over here.

(Thanks for the love. Oddly enough, we are really doing ok. Alot of the work, the really heavy work, has been months in the passing. We are strangely light. Here's hoping we stay so.)

Stomper Girl said...

I think she should move to Melbourne Australia. We love people to wear black here.

Angela said...

No Picture?