Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I have a sick girl right now, and most of my computer time is spent darting nervous glances over at her, making bets with myself which part of the sickness will show up next....

So, today, a bit of nonsense about my cats.

People who say cats have no character don't have cats.
There are entire Kabuki plays going on over here when I let the cat bowls get too empty.

First there's the yellow alert. This happens when a kibbling cat noses a crunchie and - oh, quelle horrour, there's the bottom of the bowl! - even if it's only in one spot. Much yowling and weaving around the ankles commences.

(You can tell by the size of my cats that I often forget to feed them. Yeeeaah.)

When the space at the bottom grows bigger and all the full size kibble is gone? Oh mah holy hell. Chumba, who usually sleeps on my pillow, becomes a full-time boyfriend. With the cat food gone, he plants his furriness on my hair and licks my ear, rumbling sweet nothings about ketchup and hoomins are so tasteeeee and flicking his tail into my nose so I won't miss his point.

Lucy has a more direct approach. She plants her weight* on my back and casually extends a nail whereever she thinks it will attract the most attention. Forget to feed me? Feel the wrath, woman! All done with a most-innocent-of-all look on her painted features.

Kate, the oldest (and wisest) of them all, rolls her eyes and curls up on the couch. 'Y'know', she says, conversationally, 'they always get food in the morning....'

And when the others ignore her, she harrumphs something about whippersnappers and has a nap.

*Substantial kitty. Her nickname is Ham and Two Drumsticks. When she flops on you? You know.


Stomper Girl said...

Both my cats acted like Chumba, they were my boyfriend for food. Cracked me up, except when it annoyed me. (Miss it now though)

Loth said...

We have been away from home for a week and my sister-in-law, who lives across the road, volunteered to come in each day to feed our ancient cat. It apparaently took less than 2 days for said cat to figure out where SIL lives and to take up residence on her front lawn, glaring up at her study window, telepathically transmitting the order to FEED ME! Don't tell me cats aren't people.