Thursday, 6 August 2009

picked over

Last night I blithely noted on Facebook that Rosey had water stuck in her ear. She's the least whiny of all of them (yes, I include B there!) so when she rolled over (she was in my bed again) at three seventeen this morning and cried because her ear hurt, I figured something was up.

And our doctor's office is closed today - he takes semi-random days off during the summer, which is great because hello, no three week abyss of figuring out who's doing coverage and boo, because do we have a doctor or not today? Anyhoo.

So I'm at work, and expecting to see my kiddles smiling faces (although I'm pretty sure B won't be smiling - being the parent-in-charge and having a sick kid is never fun, and even less so when you've been up on a 24 hour shift the night before and your wife won't stop calling to see what's going on when you have everything under control*) any minute.

Then we'll see what on earth is wrong with R's ear.

*He does. I know he does. I am just more aware of things like brushed hair and clothes that don't look like they were picked out by a drunk person with vertigo. Things I never thought would matter to me but do, somehow, and why am I ashamed of this? They are coming to my workplace, after all.


Beck said...


My husband can get the kids dressed, but their resulting outfits are only appropriate if he's taking them to some sort of crazy Russian hobo circus. And even then, they still might get frowned at.

witchypoo said...

You need a button for them that says "My Daddy dressed me. How's he doing?"

Mary G said...

You forgot to mention the hairbrush and father thing.
Hope the ear is better soonest.

Molly said...

What witchypoo said! Besides, do you want elegance or aural health? Pick one. I bet I know which one you picked!

Angela said...

Have you tried garlic drops?? You can find them at any health food store. My son used to get earaches ALL the time. They started talking about him seeing a specialist to see if tubes were necessary. I begged them to hold off while I tried the garlic drops...worked like a charm. Only son smelled like garlic something feirce LOL.