Sunday, 30 April 2006

haunting me

First off, this is not a funny or even a very nice post. It's actually gruesome.

It's amazing what haunts us. For me, it's a remembered horror - a news item splashed all over Canada (although probably not in the States) that made a few days' headlines and then faded away, replaced with more noteworthy things. I'm not really sure why this stayed with me, really - but I flash back to it every once in awhile, and it makes me sad and angry all over again.

The story, (relived in small detail here: Calgary Post) goes like this -

A 23 year old mom of two (Dominick, 15 months, and Gemini, 3 months) decides she's had it with being a mom all the time (she wants to party!) and leaves her kids in cribs overnight with a couple of bottles. She gets back and discovers they're fine, and the next time she's asked to go away for the weekend, she goes. And leaves her children behind. She puts bottles in their cribs, kisses them both goodbye, and goes out for nearly five days. When she returns to find them both dead, she wraps the baby up in a plastic bag and either puts her in a dumpster or slides her into the river - she doesn't remember. Her son she leaves in the apartment. She moves out a few days later and her son's body is found lying on the floor, surrounded by toys.

The neighbor downstairs remembers hearing the babies screaming and crying for days until the apartment went quiet, but didn't check.

I know this is horrible. Most if not all of the people who read this blog are parents or are trying to become parents, and I'm sorry for this picture in your head.

I wish I could get it out too.

This morning, we were out of milk and smallgirl wasn't happy with anything else. She kicked and screamed and flung herself on the floor until the store opened and we could give her the moojuice. I watched her writhing around, hungry, tearstained, and red faced, and I hoped - I hoped that woman hears her babies screaming every day for the rest of her life.


MsCellania said...

Well now it will be haunting me too. I can't imagine the neighbors not calling the police about that crying! Now I'm crying, picturing those poor babies lying miserable in their cribs, dirty diapers, starving. Why didn't she just give them up for adoption? Why? WHY? WHY?

She should suffer the same fate. Be put in a 6'x6' box, and left alone to die. With 2 bottles of milk. It might take her longer to die. She'd have plenty of time then to think about her choices in the past.

I go eye-for-an-eye vengeful with tales of deliberate cruelty and senseless agony. People like that don't deserve to live. And definitely don't deserve to breed.

Lily's Mama said...

Oh, that is so horrible. How would someone ever do something like that? And I agree, why didn't the neighbors investigate if they heard babies crying for such an extended period?
I also think she should die the same way as what she did to her poor children - starve to death in a small, enclosed place. She doesn't deserve to continue living after the horror she inflicted on her own babies.
Well, at least now you know you are not haunted alone - you have others out there with you thinking about this tragedy.

Joke said...

I say crucifixion.


P.S. OK...maybe garrote.

Ova Girl said...

My god that's hidious. I think the neighbour probably feels pretty bad too for not checking on those babies.

bean and sprout's rep. said...

shit. that's the worst story i've heard for as far back as i can remember. i feel like i could vomit. after reading that, all i want to do is go get my bean out of her crib and snuggle her...

Angela said...

This is the most horrible, sickest, cruelest thing. I don't know what to say.

Those poor babies.

Where is this inhuman, evil bitch? Death would not be good enough for her. She should be made to suffer, terribly for a LONG period of time. Taken to the edge of starvation while lying in her own waste, then given JUST enough to not die. Over and over again for the rest of her life. Just so she could feel the pain and suffering those poor babies did.

Sweet Coalminer said...

Oh how awful. Love you Jess, but wish I hadn't read this.

julia said...

Sweet suffering FUCK! Tell me the neighbours were prosecuted. Something. Anything.

Words fail me. I'm going to go throw up now.