Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Why you should never use something given to you for blogging for a Christmas present. In one easy lesson.

One word: Floorspace.

Back in September, I got a very nice email from a company that specializes in eco-friendly playstuffs asking if I would like a cardboard, paintable playhouse for R.
Something she could play in and colour? Where did I sign?

It arrived promptly and I tucked it away under my bed for a rainy day project and forgot it.

Until Christmas Eve.

Bear and I spent about a half an hour putting it up. Santa tucked some stuffed animals inside, and we left it in front of the tree. Overnight, it grew (it did seem that way) and when we stumbled downstairs in the morning we noticed it...well, takes up most of the available floor space in the living room.

But she loooooves it. Slept in it the first night. Has painted and colour penciled all over it.

It's a great hang-out for a little girl to dream in. But it's just too big for my narrow little house!
So: a word to the wise. If you're not good with picturing how big something is going to be from the dimensions listed, don't  use a freebie without planning. Even if it is a lovely freebie.


Jen on the Edge said...

But it's oh so much fun!

Is there space in her bedroom for it?

Stomper Girl said...

Floorspace is overrated. That house is fantabulous.

blackbird said...

It's SO cute!

Jess said...

We'll find room, *somewhere*.

It's from a company called Cascades

(I know they have a U.S. and a European branch as well) they have a LOT of fun stuff!