Friday, 23 September 2011

charmed, I'm sure

I was cleaning the bathroom tonight and found, coiled in one of the wooden cigar boxes that hold my mothers jewelry, something I haven't seen in years. Something that I'm so glad I have of hers. I can still remember how it looked against her neck.

It started out as bracelets. Charm bracelets. Someone - Mom? - put them together and created a necklace, a chunky, fun piece that she wore with many different things. There were charms bracelets filled with charms from Grandma Gebhart (my great-grandmother) my grandmother, my great-aunt, my mom, and a small, uncluttered piece that held the few I remember from trips we took when I was small. A silver horse and carriage from Mackinac Island. A tiny flag from the Bahamas. A hoop-skirted belle from My Old Kentucky Home.

My great-aunt Alberta had great charms - even a tiny silver cocktail shaker that when pressed, opens and a little devil head pops out. (Bertie lived through Prohibition.) There is a wee class ring from my mother's alma mater on her string, and my grandmother has a fantastic spinning top. I love telling the stories to Rosey and wondering with her about the ones we don't know.

There are a lot I'll never know about, since both Mom and Bertie are both gone.

Tonight, though, is no time for being wistful for the past. Tonight is also eleven years since I took Bear's (slightly damp) paw and promised to love and cherish him. So I have some celebrating to do!



Jen on the Edge said...

J'adore charm bracelets. I've blogged about mine -- I've been collecting charms on my travels for years. Since becoming a mother, I've been collecting travel-themed charms for my girls too. I think we 're going to give them their semi-full bracelets this year for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your celebration of love.

Magpie said...

Oh, how nice that you have it. My mother's was stolen - all of her jewelry was, but that was one thing I loved. I do have one charm from it - the gold disk with my initials & birthdate, that my father gave her when I was born.

Major Bedhead said...

What a lovely thing to own.

Steph said...

I love charms. Gorgeous sky.

Happy (late) anniversary.

Isabelle said...

Happy late Anniversary from me too. Gosh. Aren't you lovely and young?