Saturday, 6 August 2011


It's quiet here now.

The rest of the household is asleep - Bear might be awake - I think I just heard him cough - but the cat is snortling next to me and Jasper is sighing out in his spot in the kitchen. The tv is on low (PBS is playing a Foreigner concert, and I'm remembering all the songs and tapping my feet a bit) and I'm up reading blogs and messing around on the internet.

The moon is high and half-full and the stars are out.

I have a soft spot for Foreigner - not only is it the music I remember from rollerskating at the rink (honest, am not ninety years old!) the theme song to my first serious relationship was Midnight Blue. Ahh, summer nights, rock music on the radio, driving with your guy.....

I still love the song, but whatinhell were we thinking with the hair and the clothes and the makeup?
Even better, those things are supposed to come back around soon, aren't they?Gahhhhhh

I've started journaling again, and the simple act of putting pencil to paper calms me, centers me in a way that  blogging hasn't yet.(Although I'm very fond of them both) Blogging is like writing letters - you're aware that someone is going to read it, somewhere, but writing in a journal can be entirely yours.

It's barely the beginni9ng of August, and Cass has begun the countdown to the beginning of school already, although I think even he's not quite sure if he's dreading or looking forward to it. A bit of both, probably.

R has decided she wants a short haircut this year and pierced ears. (sniff mah baybee!)

It's been a good summer so far. What lies ahead?
What's going on in your corner of the big wide world?


Lynda said...

It's raining. Of course it is, it's Edinburgh and it's the first weekend in August. That also means the Edinburgh Festival is starting during which the population of Edinburgh doubles, and each and every one of those extra people seems to be in my way as I try to get to work. Roll on September.

Major Bedhead said...

Starting a new job on Tuesday.
Plotting a trip to NYC with someone for next August.
DYING for the kids to go back to school.

Anonymous said...

I try to catch up on blog reading (and writing) late at night too. But I keep falling asleep. *sigh*

I remember roller skating at the rink. And not being terribly good at it. And I'm not ninety either. Not quite.

Dana said...

oh my gosh. I used to love the roller skating rink (this was back in the late 80s) my friends and I would go nearly every Friday night. the skating rink is now a wedding hall. It's weird to go to weddings there. I have to fight the urge to bring roller skates.

And Foreigner is pretty awesome, still.

snapdragon said...

Hi! :) you have a nice blog! Gonna add it (or try to) to my faves.