Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tree of life

It lives in my father's backyard, back beyond the fence near the pool, near the garage, a cornerstone of the backyard. It watches over the house and the fields and empty barn across the road and sees whatever buzzes by on the county road.

The feeders are nearby, so the tree is usually filled with birds and squirrels, flitting about or caging a seed here or there. Woodpeckers briefly alight, then fly off to softer wood with better rewards. Last year the tree was so full and bushy branches had to be lopped off.

It looked sad and uncomfortable before all this spring rain, but now all the leaves have joyously unfurled and it sings in the breeze and celebrates itself.

Look at me! it calls. Look at me, and see!!

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apathy lounge said...

This is the kind of stuff I tend of scoot right past when I'm in a hurry. I plan to let my summer allow me to slow down a bit and notice more beauty.