Sunday, 14 February 2010

a very special snowflake

I like to think I'm unique.

That my thoughts and experiences and journeys and self are unique.

But really, that can't be true. Not even in the blogosphere am I unique. I mean, it takes shared experiences and common ground to have commenters sigh and nod and feel a kinship with the author, and it is these kind of events that lead to people coming back to read.

But really, I thought I was a little more unique.

Not so! Ever since I began writing for the Canada Moms Blog, I've had Google Alerts out on my blog name, and I can tell you that there are at least four other blogs named Days Go By, or Days go by, or even days goby

(And that last one puzzles me. Days goby? It brings to mind someone trapped in the desert.)

So I'm beginning to wonder. Should I be bothered by this?

How special of a snowflake should I expect to be?


blackbird said...

Brush it off!
Those people are all looking for YOU!

Stomper Girl said...

I think you're special! Those other blogs are mere pretenders, surely.

Yo-yo Mama said...

On my first blog, I didn't google the name I had sleected. It wasn't until I got a stat report that I kept getting hits...but they were looking for the other blog.

But you're right about thes similarities that are necessary in order to create a bond with others. We are indeed as unique as individual snowflakes, but all snowflakes have six points.

Angela said...

You know, a lot of book covers look the same... until you open the cover and find the treasures hidden inside.

Don't let the name bother you, thats just the cover.

kyooty said...

you would not believe how many Kyoot/Kyooty's there is only one RL you, and I've not read anyone that writes the same as you

mamatulip said...

There is at least one other mamatulip, and a Mama Tulip, too - I get google alerts for them all the time. It doesn't bother me - I bet those mama t's don't swear the way I do. ;)

kootnygirl said...

I had such a hard time trying to come up with a name for my blog last year. Trying to find something that captured what I was trying to do, and that maybe had the slightest bit of wit or interest was nearly impossible, let alone worrying about copying someone. (I actually wrote a post once in defense of my screen name).

If it matters, you're the only daysgoby I know, and I come here for the wonderful stories.

MsCellania said...

I didn't take the time to check out my new moniker and there are a few like it. I hope I didn't step on anybody's toes, but I am certainly no threat...
I have come across another daysgoby but it's an empty page! I just think they grabbed your name.